Calor Village of the Year Competition

overton_calorThe Calor Village of the Year competition began in 1996 with the specific aim of encouraging and rewarding sustainable, enterprising and vibrant rural communities across Britain. Thousands of villages benefited from taking part, at both county and national level, through working together engendering a genuine sense of community spirit. The competition rewarded well-balanced, pro-active, caring communities which, irrespective of size, made the best of local opportunities to create a sustainable future and cope with environmental change.

The overriding theme of the competition was sustainability - encouraging villages to look forward. With this in mind, the competition focused on four areas of village life – Community, Business, Sustainability and Communications.

2006 Competition

Calor_Village_of_year_2006In 2006 Overton Community Council entered the village in the competition.  At first it was wondered if everyone would be willing to take part – this is Overton and typically the response was overwhelming.  It soon became a case not of would we have enough to put on a good show but rather more like will we be able to fit everyone in.  October 31 2006 Overton won the Business Category of the Calor of the Year competition.  The judges were impressed with Overton, the varied businesses that are in the village and the support that was received on judging day.  Overton was a very close second for the North Wales ‘Village of the Year’.  The village received a certificate now displayed in the foyer of the Village Hall, and a cheque for £500.

2007 Competition

Calor_Village_of_year_20072007 and Overton Community Council again entered the village in the competition.  Overton won the award for Business once more and this time also for Community Life.  Overton was then presented with the award for North Wales Village of the year. Calor said ‘Overton on Dee villagers should be extremely proud.  As a regional winner, the village has achieved so much, and we know that the community’s drive and enthusiasm will spur them on to continue to make every effort to further improve life for everyone in the village.’   As well as receiving the prize money of £1,000, Calor were so impressed with how the villagers interact, they award an extra £500 to the village with specific instructions that it was to be spent on a celebration party.  The party was held on Sunday October 7.  Brian Challis, co-ordinator for Calor Village of the Year, presented the awards, again displayed in the Village Hall, and then joined in with the party consuming the fantastic spread prepared by the community.