World at war against terrorism

After terrorists killed at least 7,070 people in New York, the Prime Minister has said that the UK will help in any fight against the terrorists who organised the attacks. "Whatever the technical or legal issues about a declaration of war, the fact of the matter is that we are at war with terrorism, " said Mr Blair. "There has to be a response to bring those terrorists who committed this attack to account, and we will play our full part in that".

As many as 6,685 people are now known to have died when two highjacked passenger planes were deliberately flown into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York on Tuesday, 11th September. A third highjacked plane smashed into the Pentagon, killing 125 people, and a fourth crashed short of its intended target near Pittsburgh. All 260 passengers in the highjacked planes were killed. Within an hour of the attack, the 110 storey North Tower collapsed, followed shortly after by the second tower leaving two mangled blazing stumps - the most famous skyline in the world changed forever.

Much has happened since the world reeled from the worst act of terrorism in history, and it is not intended to repeat here all that has followed and been reported upon in the national press and on television.

This report is included because it was felt right to do so, and to share our thoughts with the families of those people who died. Money can repair the damage, but the trauma of losing people you love will never ease.

Ed: We sincerely hope and pray that this horrendous act of terrorism, and the decisions being taken by governments across the world will not result in even more devastation of a more evil kind. Every diplomatic means should be used to combat terrorism, wherever it is and whatever form it takes.

Last Banger Race this season

Local residents will be delighted with the news that the banger racing at Trench Farm, Red Hall Lane, Penley, has come to an end, at least for the time being. The race organisers, Ruabon Raceway, said that the race held on the 9th September was the last one this year.

Lesley Pugh, a resident of Lightwood Green and a Community Councillor, said:- "There have not been very many days when we could look forward to sitting in the garden, with family and friends, and enjoy a pre-lunch drink in anticipation of a not too burnt barbeque courtesy of the men in the party, (even if the women have had to do all the preparation), followed by a snooze before tea. Sounds romantically idyllic doesn't it. Unfortunately the best laid plans, etc., had not taken into account the new venture of Banger Racing at Trench Farm, Red Hall Lane, from where the noise of revving engines and tannoy announcements could be heard in a wide area and through to Overton village, intruding into and spoiling ten Sunday afternoons."

Under planning laws, races can be held up to 14 times per year without planning permission, which provides little comfort for those whose peace is shattered every other Sunday. Community Councillors have been helping residents to gather information about the noise problem, and Wrexham County Borough Council has been asked to intervene.

The Chief Public Protection Officer, Mr Andrew Lewis said that the banger racing events should be operated so as to not give rise to statutory noise nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. "If the events go ahead next year", he added:- "and it is considered that the event gives rise to statutory nuisance, then a Noise Abatement Notice shall be served on the persons responsible. The Noise Abatement Notice shall require that steps be taken to prevent noise nuisance arising from the event."

Ed: This does beg the question about people's rights to enjoy the peace and quiet of their own garden. Your views please.

Personal Safety in the Car
by Mike Redworth

Most people love being out and about in the car. It gives a sense of independence and personal freedom. But there can be hidden dangers to driving. Apart from the hazards of having a crash, less obvious dangers exist. The opportunistic car or bag snatcher, road rage, and people lurking in car parks should not be ignored.

Whenever you decide to make a journey, always remember to PLAN some simple steps that will help you to live your life with confidence and avoid risks.

Improving your personal safety is simple if you remember to PLAN:

PLAN... your journey, know your route and tell someone where you are going. LOOK... confident when you are out and about. Confident-looking people look less like targets. ALWAYS... avoid taking unnecessary risks - keep valuables out of sight and lock the doors, even when driving NEVER... assume it won't happen to you - park somewhere safe and always lock your car even when leaving it for only a few moments.

Just taking a few moments to think about these things can make your outing safer and more enjoyable.

For further information, my suggested website this month is or contact MRT Training at

By Doreen Walker

The Annual Show which was held on 1st September this year attracted forty-five entrants submitting a total of over three hundred entries! The exhibitors included some new names along with loyal supporters over many years. Their entries reflected the expertise and care needed to exhibit the colourful displays and abundant produce. The Judges were very impressed with the high standard of exhibits which did not make their task very easy.

Tables on the stage were filled with items submitted by WI members for the Handicraft Show which created a great deal of interest. Dr Turkie very kindly came along to present the prizes to the winners. Thanks are extended to all for the support received year after year. The Judges willingly come along, donations of prizes for the Draw are received, non-committee members offer help and people come along to view . The co-operation of all makes the Show the success it is.

Trophy Winners

Exhibitor with most points Mr G Owen British Legion Cup


Mr J G Evans

Tradesmen's Cup

Overton WI Member with most points Mrs J Ralphs Lowther Cup
Three Onions from seeds Mr D B Davies Fitzhugh Goblet
Three Tomatoes Mr V Roberts Trotting Mare Cup
Vegetable Section - 3 Onions from seeds Mr D B Davies Farmers Cup
Fruit Section - Cooking Apples Mr K E Farrell WI Cup
Blooms Section - Three Gladioli Mr S J Wright Healey Salver
Specimen Rose Mrs M Worthington Pam Upton Memorial Bowl
Plant Pot Section Mrs M Worthington Rosselli Cup
Flower Arranging - Arrangement of 5 Blooms Mrs M Worthington Kath Hamlington Memorial Trophy
Arrangement to represent Pub/Inn Mrs M Worthington Mrs Wright's Cup
Flower Arranging - Novice Rosalind Benney Mrs Bransby's Cup
Cookery Section - Round of shortbread Mrs H Rennie Mrs Sumsion's Tray
Preserves Section - Jar of Marmalade Mrs M Phillips Mrs Woodhouse's Bowl
White Wine (dry/med dry) Mrs J Ralphs September Plate
Wine Section - White Wine (sweet/med sweet) Mrs J Ralphs Haynes Wine Cooler
Children's Classes    
  Sian Buckley Mrs Roberts' Shield
  Matthew Lawrenson Mrs Watts' Shield
  Scott Lawrenson Mrs Wason's Shield
  Matthew Lawrenson 21st Anniversary Shield

Congratulations to all!

Next Show - 7th September 2002

"The silence of the 30,000 crowd was deafening"

A new book has just been published which re-lives Wrexham Football Club's amazing giant killing cup victories over such top flight teams as Arsenal, West Ham, Middlesborough and FC Porto.

The book, entitled the Giant Killers, is a fan's view of Wrexham AFC from 1974 - 1999, and has been described by the Daily Post as "fantastic nostalgia", while the Wrexham Leader's Les Chamberlain said it was "superbly written and a must for all fans"

The author of the book, Richard Partington, spent the first 23 years of his life in Overton, living firstly in Parkside and then Plas Madoc. He played for both Overton Football and Cricket Teams, and in 1986 was a member of the Cricket team that won the 2nd Division championship. His parents Dai and Jean Partington and his grandparents Edgar and Gwen Griffiths still live in Overton.

The Giant Killers is Richard's first published book, and can be purchased at local bookshops priced 6.99. Copies are available for sale in the Corner Shop, High Street, Overton. Signed copies are also available by e-mail to

Overton Amateur Dramatics News
By Sue Glover

The AGM was held on the 5th September and was well attended. Everyone jointly remembered the loss of one of our members, Sue Williams, who passed away recently.

The officers for 2001/2002 are:- Chair - Clive Hellingman Secretary - Alan Farley Treasurer - Jane Quinn.

It was decided that there would not be a Pantomime this year, but that a junior production is planned for February 2002. Contact Sue England if you have budding actors or actresses aged 6 and over.

We hope to stage our biennial Banquet during April 2002. NO, the tickets are not on sale yet!! But watch this space for further announcements.

It was agreed that during this year we would like to go ahead with renovation to the stage and the balcony area.

Autumn Play 2001 Stags and Hens by Willy Rushton

This will be jointly produced and directed by Glynis Farley and Jane Quinn and will be staged in the Scout Hut. Rehearsals are well underway. Dates 1st, 2nd and 3rd November - Tickets will be on sale shortly at 3.50. All the action takes place in the toilets of a Liverpool nightclub. It will be an adults only production with some strong language.

Ed: For further information on the junior production, and how to contact Sue England, refer to the item in the IN BRIEF column.

Overton Tennis Club Overton Tennis Club takes on Derbyshire

The might of Derbyshire tennis talent competing against the tennis players of a small village club like Overton seems highly unlikely. However such a sporting event has just taken place. The reason for such an unlikely match was that in the recent Derbyshire vs North Wales Veterans (over 45's) County Match, all four players representing North Wales were members of Overton Tennis Club, namely John Eve, Steve Horton, Dave Bellis and Euan Stevenson.

Unfortunately, the outcome of this David vs Goliath event had no happy ending since Derbyshire ran out easy winners, winning by five rubbers to zero. Nevertheless, and undeterred by this reverse, the Overton tennis players really enjoyed the match. Dave Bellis said: "It was an unforgettable experience"

Euan Stevenson said that having been a last minute replacement for regular North Wales players, meant that he had looked forward to the match with some apprehension. "In the event," said Euan, "one of our matches was really close and the fact that we gave them a good game, gave me a lot of satisfaction." John Eve, a regular member of the North Wales squad said: "It was a pity we came back with no points. Two of the matches were really close and with a little bit of luck the score could have been 3-2, not 5-0"

Ed. Better luck next time lads!

Photograph with the famous

This month we feature four lads from the village who, while on holiday, bumped into Peter Stringfellow.

From left to right: Michael Horton, Simon Overthrow, Peter Stringfellow, Adam McLoughlan, and Paul Jones



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