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October 2008


The Editorial Team

David Burton - Euan Stevenson - Sean Clarke - Cynthia Davies

Please remember that the Oracle has no reporters. We rely on individuals or representatives of our village’s many organisations to write contributions and e-mail them to editor@overton-on-dee.co.uk or leave them at the Corner Shop. So if you think there is something that should be in the Oracle or your organisation is not mentioned - do something about it! Write something for the Oracle!


You will be aware that the October Oracle is late in being published. Because of changes over the years to codes of conduct and local government acts, Overton Community Council is no longer in a position to take responsibility for the Overton Oracle.
However they are very supportive of the Oracle and wish it to continue.
Therefore on Oct 4th an unincorporated association was set up and an editorial committee was formed. The committee has taken out appropriate insurance and the Oracle is now able to be published - more details next month.


October 5th is the most auspicious date for the Catholic community here in Overton and the surrounding area. A happy occasion because it sees the 50th Anniversary of the opening of The Church Our Lady and the Welsh Martyrs, and the Mass on that day will be a concelebrated, when the Bishop of Wrexham, His Lordship Edwin Regan, will be present. This will be followed by a Buffet in the Hall.

It will also be a sad occasion for everyone, for it will be marking the retirement of our Priest, Monsignor Philip B. Webb, ordained 65 years ago. From the days when he said Mass in the caravan, which was situated in the grounds of Pendyffryn, to the present day, Monsignor has dedicated his life to building up his Parish, and his congregation now stands at about 120 souls. His enthusiasm for his calling inspired each of his parishioners in many ways, to help raise the funds, not only for the Church, but also for the Hall and the Presbytery, and they were, in no time, free of debt. What an achievement! An even greater achievement is that of Monsignor’s determination to administer to his flock. Despite his ever increasing limitations, at 91½ years of age he has decided to bring to an end 56 years of distinguished service to the people of Overton and district. So, whilst regretting the need for his decision, we wish him well in his truly well-deserved retirement and hope that he will have a good few years left to enjoy this, together with happy memories of the time spent in Overton, and the love and thanks of us all will go with him.

WOW What a fantastic day !

One thing you can’t book is the weather but Rector David seemed to have had that covered. The sun shone for the first time in weeks, and all the hard work, organisation, and long meetings in the White Horse paid off. There was a lovely atmosphere, half of the village must’ve been there, young and old. Impressive displays from Dance Addiction and Abbey Road Acro Gymnasts, a magician (who donated his time), birds of prey, Punch and Judy and a reptile man in the willows! (We still haven’t found the missing scorpion) Thanks to the Territorial Army who were brilliant with their climbing wall for the dads (or mums – Diane Bell! see picture) and their assault course, especially enjoyed by Miss Molyneux and Carol Dykes. The produce tent had lots of entrants with the beautiful sunflowers adorning the tent. There were many other activities to take part in, too many to mention. The picnic boxes went down a storm and the bar was kept busy.
And then to the evening…. It was so lovely to see so many people relaxed and enjoying the entertainment. The children sang beautifully with some past pupils joining in for good measure! The band (with no name) were in demand for as much as they could sing and the flamenco singer Sergio, gave an amazing atmosphere (I can feel the need for a ‘Spanish Night’ in the future, watch this space!) I think Tim Rouse has missed his vocation. He was a great compere and DJ and what a dressing up box he must have. The playground became a dance floor and kids played air guitar as others enjoyed sausages and cider and chatted with friends. The evening drew to a close with a firework display in the moonlight, followed by a phone call from Jo Richards and Kay Lawrenson at an awards ceremony in London to say that Overton school had just won ‘Outside Setting of the Year in Great Britain’! A perfect day. There’s not enough space to mention everybody, but thanks go out to everyone who helped to organise the event, helped on the day, loaned their gazebos and marquees or turned up to enjoy it and make this event such a huge success. Also huge thanks to all the volunteers who washed up, cleared up, separated and recycled all the rubbish.

Ramblings From the Rectory
by David Lewis

Dear Friends,

In the graveyard at Mickleham Church in Surrey is a large wooden banner inscribed with these words:
‘Farewell all my friends so kind
I hope in Heaven my soul you’ll find’.

I love old churchyards and reading the inscriptions on head stones.

These lines are found in a Liverpool churchyard

On a gravestone in Llandovery in Carmarthenshire are these words:

What all these epitaphs have in common is the hope that Christians have in Jesus and in the life to come. And for me I nearly always come away from churchyards with that hope that whatever bad things happen in life, we do have Jesus’ promise that if we have faith in him we will be with God in joy forever.

To me that is a promise to be treasured.
Your friend and Rector

by Constable Luke Hughes

This month I have a WARNING, as despite the good crime figures for the month of August, September has not started well. We are currently experiencing a increase in the amount of theft across the area, and OVERTON, PENLEY & WORTHENBURY have all recently seen a rise in offences. These have included theft from vehicles, garages & outbuildings which have been broken into. The majority of the offences have been committed in the hours of darkness.

I can assure you that this matter is receiving URGENT attention but I would also like to ask all readers to take personal responsibility for their own property, a number of the recent offences could have been prevented by removing valuables from vehicles and locking sheds.

Could I also urge all readers to report anything suspicious immediately, this may include suspicious persons, vehicles and/or behaviour. Your local policing team rely heavily on the support of the community in which we work, and although I am confidence that the recent rise in crime will be temporary; I would very much like to catch the individuals concerned.

We have said goodbye to PCSO Emily Williams who is now working in the Ruabon area and in the mean time PCSO Jenna Owen will take responsibility for the entire Maelor Area.

Application to the Clerk by October 28th

• Grants may be made by the Overton Community Council towards capital expenditure by local organisations within the area administered by the Community Council.
• Grants will not be made towards general maintenance or running costs.
• An application shall be made on a form obtainable from the Clerk to the Community Council.
• The Community Council reserves the right to request detailed particulars of an applicant’s financial position. Any information will be treated in confidence.
• Funds available for grants are limited and there can be no guarantee of a grant being offered in any particular case.
• Grants may be made towards the setting-up of a new local organisation, providing the Community Council is satisfied that a proper constitution exists and that the organisation has adopted a programme of fund-raising events for at least one year.
• Grants may only be used for the purpose for which they were sought.
• The Community Council reserves the right to refuse an application without explanation.
• The Community Council may, if it so decides, offer only a proportion of the grant applied for.
• The Community Council may request such further information as it requires to consider an application for grant aid.
• An additional written statement of not more than one side of an A4 sheet may be submitted in support of the application.
• The offer of a grant will lapse after a period of 12 months from the date that the offer was made by the Community Council.
Grants will only become payable upon the submission of a copy of an order, receipt or invoice for the purpose for which the grant has been offered, (e.g. purchase receipt of equipment or where a grant has been made towards a building project, the submission of the first invoice)
Clerk to the Council, Overton Village Hall. 5 Penyllan Street, Overton, Wrexham LL13 0EE 01978 710055

by Glynis Farley

Last year I (recklessly) volunteered to direct the 2008 Autumn Play for Overton Amateur Dramatic Society (OADS), confident in the knowledge of being months ahead, having found what I believed to be the ideal play. How wrong can you be?

In spring this year, upon taking another look at the chosen play and asking around for likely victims (sorry volunteers) to fill each role, I discovered not only a shortage of men in Overton willing to tread the boards, but also a few of my most likely candidates didn't actually like the play!! As I steeled myself for the onset of a mild panic attack, a kindly soul, (thank you Sheila) passed me a script which was more modern with less roles to fill; all my prayers were answered!!

As this play was new to me I desperately wanted a chance to see it in production, which was why my husband found himself giving up a Bank Holiday in April to drive me all the way to Pately Bridge (north of Harrogate) which just happened to be the closest venue. Luckily, the play was as funny on stage as on paper and I could breathe a sigh of relief. Rehearsals for ‘LADIES DAY’ a bittersweet comedy by Amanda Whittington began in earnest at the end of August.

The play opens in a cold, damp factory in Hull, where Pearl, Jan, Shelley and Linda, have a daily relentless routine of weighing, trimming and filleting fish. In fact work, love and life are just one long slog; but things are about to change when they attend Ladies Day at Royal Ascot the year it located to York. Off come the overalls, wellies and hairnets; on go the 'posh' frocks and hats as they head off for a flirt and a flutter - not to mention the odd drink!!

Did they find love, happiness or even their fortune? Why not come along and see for yourself as they reveal their true selves away from work.

Curtains up at 7.30pm, October 23rd, 24th, 25th, Overton Village Hall. Tickets £5 (on the door) to include programme

By Alice Foster, Lydia Biggs and Lottie Blake

Hi everybody its October. Hope you enjoyed St Mary’s bonanza. WE DID!


Q. Hi, I’m fed up of the weather. Its freezing most of the time and the other times its boiling. From Andrew
A. Hi Andrew, Nobody can control the weather so try saying this Homonym poem over and over - it really works
“ Whether the weather be fine or whether the weather be not,
whether the weather be cold or whether the weather be hot ,
we’ll whether the weather whatever the weather , whether we like it or not.”

How do monsters like their eggs? Terror fried
What do you call a skeleton that doesn’t get up in the morning. Lazy bones

Lottie’s Pet of the Month

Animal – Cat
Breed - Black Cat
There are conflicting theories as to whether the black cat represents good or bad.
The black cat was the supposed form of the devil and is associated with witches. If a black cat crosses your path it is lucky, because the evil has passed by and not harmed you.

Katy Perry is a singer songwriter and actress from Santa Barbara California..
Katy Perry’s new song “I kissed a girl” reached number one for the fourth week on the billboards hot 100 single’s chart.
This song is great to listen to and is really catchy. Rating : 9/10

We would like to say goodbye to Helen and Zoe Fernee who are moving to Bradley on Friday.
They have been good friends and we will miss them.

An Ode to the Summer

It rained & rained & rained & rained, the average was all maintained,
And when our fields were simply bogs, it started raining cats & dogs.
After a drought of half and hour, there came a most refreshing shower,
And then the queerest thing of all, a gentle rain began to fall.

Next day t’was pretty fairly dry, save for a deluge from the sky,
This wetted people to the skin, but after that the rain set in.
We wondered what’s the next we’d get, as sure as fate we got more wet.
But soon we’ll have a change again, and we shall have a drop of rain.

from a ‘damp’ Overton poet


Congratulations to St Mary’s School Overton on achieving top marks in their recent inspection report - 7 grade ones! The highest possible standard. The school was deemed “good with outstanding features”, only one of a handful in Wales. The report states it is an “outstanding school” and praised teaching quality & support for pupils.

Congratulations to Jo Richards and Kay Lawrenson who donned their glad rags to represent the school at the spectacular dinner and 2008 Early Years Awards ceremony in London. The school had been shortlisted for the Outdoor Setting of the Year (the Oscars for the Early Years!) for the TREES (Through Recycling in our Environment we Encourage Sustainability) and the Forest School area at St Mary's School.

Competing against all the primary schools in England and Wales, they had no speech prepared when they were announced as WINNERS for their "outstanding contribution to children's learning out of doors". The Award acknowledges the superb effort and endless enthusiasm of pupils, parents, staff and the community in developing the outdoor area at St Mary's School and all the outside projects.

Thanks go to all those that have helped make this award possible. If you would like more information on TREES or would like to get involved, please contact the school on 710370

Local author publishes first novel
Roy Henry Williams (Pen name: Roy Henry) has published his first novel entitled " Two Lives from Two Rivers.”

Roy is an Overton boy who has now settled in semi-retirement at Penley. An ex-police officer who went on to work as an insurance claims investigator, he has been writing all his life, his enthusiasm having been first kick-started when at Overton St Mary's Primary school he was awarded a 'book prize' for an essay about the "Conquest of Everest" in Coronation year. Going on to write poetry and selling two short stories to magazines in later years, this is his first novel. He says, " I have written affectionately about Overton in the book though it has acquired the name of Onnersley. Those precious early days being taught to fish by my father was something I wanted to put down on paper for years. The opportunity to do so fitted in well with my desire to expand upon the parallel lives of Harry Gillians and the young Jimbo Henderson. Though I have changed their names, their lives and their remarkable story is drawn from 'real life' events. "
For more details visit www.authorhouse.co.uk


British Legion Cup Sue Foulkes Exhibitor with Most Points
Tradesmen's Cup Vic Roberts Runner-up
Lowther Cup Sue Foulkes Overton WI Member with most points
Fitzhugh Goblet Sue Foulkes Best in class 9 - 3 leeks
Trotting Mare Cup Alison Drake Best in class 17 - 4 cut herbs
Farmers Cup Vic Prydderch Best in Veg Section 1 -17
W I Cup J Thomas Best in Fruit section 18 - 23
Healey Salver Jim Parry Best in Blooms Section 24 - 35
Pam Upton Memorial Bowl Joyce Williams Best in Class 33 - Specimen Rose
Rosselli Cup Peter Ralphs Best in Pot Plant Section 36 - 38
Kath Hamlington Memorial Trophy Beatty Roberts Best in Flower Arranging 39 - 44
Mrs Wrights Cup Josie Ralphs Best in class 45 Flower Arrangement
Mrs Bransby’s Cup J Brown Best in class 46 Flowers (Novice)
Mrs Sumsions’ Tray Sheila Williams Best in Cookery Section 47 - 54
September Plate C H Scott Best in class 56 - Raspberry Jam
Mrs Woodhouses’s Bowl Marj Phillips Best in Preserves Section 55 - 61
Haynes Wine Cooler Phil Edwards Best in Wine Section 62 - 68
Mrs Robert’s Shield Hâf Edwards & Heath Rosselli Best in Class 69 (5yrs & under)
Mrs Watt’s Shield Chloe Malam Best in Class 70 - 76 (6-9yrs)
Mrs Price Jones's Shield Eliza Rosselli Best in Class 71 - 76 (6-9yrs)
Mrs Wason’s Shield Amelia Lloyd
Best in Class 72 - 79 (9 - 12 yrs)
21st Anniversary Shield Julia Williams Best in Class 73 (13 - 16 yrs)

The 2008 visit from La Murette
by Cath Starkey

This year we had the pleasure of our French friends visiting for a week at the beginning of August. The Sunday kicked off with a fine welcome at the village hall, we had flags and thanks to Mervyn Haynes a special French welcome on the board , as well as wonderfully dressed shop windows. Thanks to all who displayed flags, photos and twinning memorabilia; it was a delight for our French friends to see and it let everyone passing through the village know that our French counterparts were here for a visit. Sunday night a welcome bar—b-q on the Argoed, where everyone old and young, past and present got to share a few drinks and a spot of food, no mean feat feeding 71 people! We travelled to Liverpool, the capital of culture, visiting the Walker gallery, World Museum and the Albert Dock, plus a visit to the Beatles Museum for the French. We had a superb inter-language treasure hunt around the village with mixed teams, giving the new visitors an insight into our shops, streets and pub Thanks Andrew and Sam for opening earlier to provide coffee, as it rained all morning and we got soaked, but not put off we set off to Erddig, a tour of the house and afternoon tea, a huge delight as not common in France - afternoon tea’s!

Wednesday, a day off and everyone went off in different directions, others slept!!! Then a tour – in French – of Chester, and after lunch the adults descended on Marks and Spencer for their teas, lemon curds, and shortbread biscuits. A visit to the crocky trail for the kids, good bonding session - language at this point no barrier - kids make it look so easy this communication thing! We ate a hearty Welsh menu at The Boat Inn on the Thursday night, then the sun shone at Quarry Bank Mill, near Manchester on the Friday. Friday night saw a visit by the Maletones, a male voice choir, giving their all in our village hall; we served Welsh cakes and bara brith, during the interval, continually plugging our Welshness. Saturday saw a visit to Conway in the rain, well expected of our summers!! Then in the evening a hearty supper in the village hall with a bring & share / do your own washing up night.

Tears on Sunday as the week drew to a close, but another collection of friends, memories and now planning for our trip next year. If you are interested in being part of the Twinning and perhaps visiting France in 2009 with us, look out for our forthcoming events or speak to someone from the committee Glynis Farley 01978 710455 / Cath Starkey 710322/Kay Lawrenson 710537/Geoff Mason 710486 The visits are open to all from the village and you are not expected to host. Many, many villagers over the years have visited La Murette but there are still many who haven’t!


Time for your Flu Injection’.

Clinics start here on Mon 6th October. Remember if you are over 65 or in one of the ‘at risk’ categories you are eligible. Don’t forget there is also the one-off Pneumonia injection for those over 65 years of age. Just ask reception for any help or to make an appointment.

The Expert Patients Programme Wales is running 2 courses in the Village Hall on Thursdays 10.30 – 13.00 starting 25th Sept for 6 weeks. One course is for those who have a long term health condition and the other one for carers caring for someone in this category. These courses provide an opportunity for people to learn new coping skills, which can help improve the quality of daily life. If you would like to attend the course or want further information then please contact the Coordinator on 01978 346500, or visit the web site at www.eppwales.org - you have nothing to lose and may in fact have a lot to gain from this.

Nurse Eirlys Williams has decided to retire. After 25 years with the NHS she deserves a very warm heart felt ‘thank you’ for her devotion to all her patients.


Congratulations to Arron Haynes and his partner on the birth of their baby daughter "Daisy", and Mr and Mrs Harris on the birth of new baby daughter "Daisy" and a sister for brothers Ifor and Bryn.
Happy October Birthdays to Flora Williams, Kathleen Dorey, Thomas Dorey, Charlotte Clarke and Barbara Watkin, Noreen Haynes, Clare Edwards, Stephen Sorfleet, Mary Perrin, Mark Whittall, Rebecca Overthrow. Happy Belated Birthday wishes to Geoff Pritchard and Sue Green.
Deepest condolences to the family of John Williams & of Bill Dickenson, for many years Overton’s Chemist.

Holistic Coffee Morning

Rebecca Davies from Amber Holistic Therapy Spa is holding a Holistic Coffee morning in the Parish Room at the Village Hall. Rebecca also works part time at the Play Group and all the proceeds will be donated to Overton Play centre.

This is a great opportunity to find out about the benefits of Holistic therapies. You can have a 15 minute treatment of Reflexology, Indian head massage or Reiki. As well as supporting the Play group and a social get together with friends and refreshments. It is hoped that the Coffee Morning will be on a regular basis giving people the opportunity to receive holistic treatments on a regular basis at a very minimal cost. The first Coffee morning is on Tuesday 7th October from 9.30 onwards. Entrance will cost £3 which will include a treatment and refreshments. If you have any enquiries please call Rebecca on 01978 843696

Christmas is coming

Our Village Senior Citizens Christmas party will be on Tuesday December 2nd. If you did not receive an invitation last year or are new to the village and are a pensioner and would like to come, please ring Mr Keith Overthrow on 710544