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November 2001


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How September 11th changed the world

The events of September 11th will be regarded as the most significant change in the history of the 21st Century, not only for the way it brought together world leaders in the fight against terrorism, but for the way it touched the lives of so many ordinary people across the world, including Overton. Three stories in this issue speak for themselves.

China after September 11th. By Christine Stead

China is an extraordinary country. A country on the move, determined to show the world how far advanced it has become for the 2008 Olympics to be held in Beijing. Vast changes are already taking place in the cities, where ancient temples and palaces stand side by side with the stark 20th century buildings built by Chairman Mao and his people. These buildings are now being eclipsed by the more westernised futuristic buildings appearing on the city skylines. Our holiday of a lifetime had begun.


Senior Citizens' Christmas Party. By Rev. Valerie Jones

I cannot believe that it is time to think about this again! For many years now, St. Mary's Church at Overton have given this party as a gift from the Church to the Senior Citizens of our community.

This year the date is Tuesday 4th December at the Village Hall. 3pm for 3.30pm. Invitations will be sent out, but as you can imagine, this is a very difficult thing to do - to keep up with those who have "come of age" during the year!! or to keep up with those who are "of age" and who have come into our community.

When you receive your invitation, if you would like to reply to me at the Rectory, or if you haven't received an invitation but feel you should have! Please ring that you are coming by November 20th.

We look forward to seeing you and serving you.

Boarding the "Legend of the Seas" By Mrs D Davies Asney Lane

September 3rd was exciting, finding our cabin, having a quick reconnoitre of the ship, planning our ports of call and getting to meet other shipmates. We were quite surprised to find 1,250 Americans on board and just a sprinkling of us Brits.

As the cruise progressed, we felt we were on another planet, so, so relaxing. We sent postcards home saying we could go on cruising forever.

And then it happened! The day that changed the world forever. September 11th, 2001.



Dear Sirs,

I read with interest your front-page article in October's Overton Oracle, However, I must reply to the criticism levelled against Ruabon Raceway, on behalf of the hundreds of people who attended and participated in our 2001 season. If I may, a few points.

1. Strict rules govern the construction and conduct at the racetrack. The governing body who issue our permits, CARA (Contact Auto Racing Association), enforces these, and visits and approves all sites. 2. Sound from our cars, though unavoidable, is at all times minimised and conforms to national and local regulations covering noise pollution. (Environmental Protection Act 1990) we have been visited earlier in the year and conformed to all regulations and welcome further monitoring at any time. 3. Where practical we informed all local residents in advance of our season and canvassed as much feedback as we could. 4. Strenuous efforts are made on-site to keep noise and vehicle movement to a minimum. As an example of our commitment to improvement, next year the tannoy system will be re-positioned to reduce the 'carry' of the announcements out of the racetrack. 5. To conform to the planning regulations, the site is always returned to its previous condition after each event to ensure minimal environmental effects.

Surely, we have a right to follow our chosen pastime as much as residents have the right to 'enjoy the peace and quiet of their own garden'. The peacefulness of rural life is long gone - Paradise was lost long before we moved to Penley. General traffic, the ubiquitous strimmers and garden mowers, and Mr. Pugh's raucous barbecues all add to the general cacophony of the noisy world in which we live.

We will, at all times, do our utmost to lessen the impact our sport has on the local environment and would welcome any suggestions (non-abusive!) your readers may have to enable us to harmoniously co-exist. Our 2002 season starts approximately late April.

Mr M Jones Ruabon Raceway Sweeney Oswestry

Overton Scouts receive top award

Overton Scouts Aled Watson and Phil Grice received their Queen Scout Awards on Friday 12 October at Hawarden Castle from Sir William Gladstone. They also received their Explorer Belts from their expedition in Gambia. In addition William Richards received his Chief Scouts Award.

All three Scouts live in Bangor-on-Dee.

Aled and Phil are the 22nd and 23rd Queen Scouts from Overton Group in the last fifteen years-a record unparalleled in North Wales.

Pictured from left. William Richards, Philip Grice, Sir William Gladstone and Aled Watson.

Overton Village Hall Management Committee calls AGM

The annual general meeting of Overton village hall will be on Thursday 29th November at 7.00p.m. in the Parish room.

The position of chairman is vacant and nominations for the post should be submitted to the Rector, Rev. Valerie Jones, later than 22nd November 2001.

Paul Galloway said:- "The number of people supporting the village hall has reduced over recent years but despite that the hall goes from strength to strength. We welcome all comers and would like to see more representatives from other organizations at our meetings, particularly at the AGM.

One of the agenda items at the AGM will be the charges made by the committee for the hire of the premises. An increase is long overdue and whilst never popular is necessary. Anyone who wishes to make representations should attend the AGM."

The proposed charges for hiring the hall are as follows:

Before 7.00pm 8.00 per hour. After 7.00pm 12.00 per hour Parish Room 9.00 per session Kitchen/foyer only 9.00 per session Badminton 8.00 per hour

Any proposed agenda items to Paul Galloway by 22nd November please.


  • Arthur Hellingham, Chairman RLNI Wrexham Branch, wishes to thank all Overtonians who so generously contributed during the recent house to house collection. A magnificent total of over 206 was raised.
  • Congratulations to Hugh and Kath Price-Jones on their Golden Wedding Anniversary. They were married on the 17th October 1951 at St Mary's Church, Overton.
  • On Saturday 29th September, a party of ten, led by Ken Farrell of Springfield Park, completed a sponsored walk around Dudleston and raised over 300 towards Overton Methodist Church Repair of Organ Fund.
  • Congratulations to Rev. Valerie Jones who has been appointed a Cursal Canon, and is believed to be the first full woman Canon in Wales.
  • Congratulations to Becci and Charlie Kannreuther on the birth of their daughter Georgia Poppy Elizabeth on September 15th.
  • Congratulations to Susie and Simon Wingett on the birth of their daughter Holly Louise on September 10th
  • A Garage sale of all sorts of items similar to a car boot sale will be held on Saturday 3rd November commencing 10.00am - 2.00pm at the rear of 8 Poethlyn Terrace, School Lane, Overton. NO Cars at the rear please.
  • Overton Youth Club is holding another Junior Disco for under 16's on Friday, November 30th in Overton Village Hall from 7.30pm -10.30pm. Numbered admission only - 3.00

Dedication of the Millennium Window

On September 26th, a Service for the Dedication of the Millennium Window in the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Overton was held by the Right Reverend John S Davies, Bishop of St Asaph. The window, which comprises five Ovals commemorating village life in the Millennium, cost 9000. This was found from various fund raising events and donations, including 1900 from the Community Council's Millennium Grants scheme.


New York Disaster Touches Us All By David Burton

On September 11th I was listening to the radio in the car when the news broke that the first plane had hit the World Trade Center North Tower. A few minutes later came the news about the second plane and the true horror was revealed. Shortly afterwards I returned to my office where all work was punctuated by news reports and like many others, we all stopped to discuss and speculate.


Waste Recovery Centre application now before Wrexham Council

HLC Environmental Projects Limited has submitted a full planning application and Environmental Statement to Wrexham County Borough Council for a resource recovery facility at the old BICC2 building on the Redwither Industrial Estate.

The plant will process waste for recycling and composting, and will only combust what is left. The combination of various processes will include the sorting and separation of wastes, the recovery of recyclable wastes, including plastics, metals, textiles and glass, and organic wastes from the garden and kitchen. It is claimed these recycled and composted materials would give Wrexham an immediate recycling rate of 45%. After these materials have been taken out, just over 40% of the total waste input will be combusted, generating energy for use on site and by nearby industrial and domestic consumers.

The application may be inspected at the Planning Offices, Guildhall, Wrexham.

La Murette's Twinning Association celebrates links with Overton.

Seen here are several members of La Murette's Twinning Committee (COJOM) who recently celebrated the link with Overton-on-Dee at their annual "Festival of Leeks". This is one of the highlights of the many fund raising events that take place in La Murette to support the biennial exchanges between the two villages.

List of Clubs and Organisations

Listed below are those Clubs and Organisations who kindly responded to the Oracle's request for information.


Witnesses still sought

Overton Community Council would like to hear from anyone who may have witnessed an accident which occurred at the Playingfield, Wrexham Road on 27th July at about 1.00pm when a young child fell from the multi-climber sustaining a wrist injury. If you have any information please e-mail info@overton-on-dee.co.uk

Vandals smash Church lanterns

On Sunday October 28 churchgoers were horrified to find the church gate lanterns totally vandalised. One question is asked. WHY?

A spokesperson for St Mary's Church, Overton said: "Perhaps it is time for parents in the village to be asking themselves whether they are sure their child was not involved. If the Church can help examine and address the issues which lead to such acts, please let us know."

Have you had your flu jab yet?

Overton surgery is recommending all those over the age of 65 to get their free flu jab. It is also recommended for those in the "at risk" groups, that is those who suffer from heart disease, chronic chest disease, including asthma, diabetes, mellitus, immunosuppressed and nursing and residential home residents. All you need to do is contact the surgery. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot contract the flu from the vaccine.

Planning applications

An application to erect a detached dwelling on land adjoining Pen-y-Llan Cottage, Overton, has been refused planning permission by Wrexham County Borough Council. The Council considered that the proposed dwelling, due to its size, massing, scale and design, will have a serious adverse impact on the Overton Conservation Area and adjacent listed building (Pen-y-Llan Cottage), and would be contrary to various policies in the adopted Maelor Local Plan.

Planning permission has been granted to Mr P Backford for a temporary period of two years for the erection of polytunnels and relocation of the existing access to the highway at Grange Cottage, Salop Road, Overton.

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This month's Oracle features a number of articles written by residents of Overton. We would like to say that we welcome and encourage such contributions as these often reveal the diverse interests of the community which prove to be well worthy of publication. Thanks. Ed