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May 2007


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Voting 3rd May for National Assembly for Wales is being held in the VILLAGE HALL

Overton Youth Club Re-Opening
by David Burton

Following the April meeting of Overton Community Council, the Youth Club is re-opening with the help of the Community Council. Wrexham Council ceased funding our Youth Club leader in October 2004 and replaced the service with a Youth Bus that we saw once and then disappeared and has not been seen in the village since! The whole sorry saga was fully reported on the front page of the Oracle in February 2005.

We are very fortunate that Helen Fernee of Parkside, who is a fully trained, nationally certified Youth Community Worker, employed by Wrexham Council, is prepared to work as a volunteer to get the Youth Club going again. Meetings will be in the Scout Hut on Wrexham Road and all Overton youngsters over the age of 11 are welcome. Young people of the village have been asked to e-mail suggestions and ideas of what they want to see at the Youth Club and how many evenings it should be opened. Currently the Hut is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (It is used by Guides, Brownies and Scouts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays respectively.)
E-mails should be forwarded to editor@overton-on-dee.co.uk

Although Helen has some volunteers more are needed to provide help on a rota basis. Volunteers will be offered free training and qualifications should they wish, so if you feel you can help please also e-mail us at editor@overton_on_dee.co.uk

by Joanne Kember (Community Pharmacist)

Well April 1st has come and gone! How are all you smokers doing? Smoking is now ILLEGAL in public buildings and the work place; so are you feeling the pressure?
Help is at hand. The first thing to decide is whether you do want to give up. Should you want to give up? Let me give you the facts: In the UK in 2000, 114,000 deaths were attributable to smoking!

  • Smoking causes cancers not just of the lungs, but also larynx, pharynx, oesophagus, bladder, kidney and pancreas. This equates to 22% of all male deaths and 16% of all female deaths per year. Over all 36% of cancers in men and 21% in women are due to smoking. Other diseases attributable to smoking include cardio vascular disease. Carbon monoxide makes the blood ‘sticky’ and more likely to clot (cause a thrombosis). Carbon monoxide inhaled replaces oxygen in the blood resulting in increased blood pressure and heart rate to try and satisfy the body’s oxygen demand. Carbon monoxide contracts blood vessels of the heart and so impairs blood flow and oxygen supply to the heart.
  • Chronic obstructive lung disease COPD. There are an estimated 3 million sufferers in the UK with 30,000 deaths from the disease each year. This disease encompasses chronic bronchitis, emphysema and small airways disease. Cigarette smoking is the commonest factor in the illness.
  • · Smoking aggravates/contributes towards asthma, osteoporosis, pneumonia, peptic ulcer, erectile disjunction, chronic rhinitis and multiple sclerosis.

What is in tobacco smoke?
Tobacco smoke contains 4,000 different chemicals. Many of them are poisonous, as well as the better known ingredients such as nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide, other chemicals included are benzene, ethanol ammonia formaldehyde hydrogen cyanide & poly aromatic hydrocarbon.
Living in Wales we are entitled to contact the All Wales Smoking Cessation Service free of charge. As residents of Wrexham Borough Council or being registered with a Wrexham Local Healthboard registered GP entitles you to free help from pharmacies across the area. They can offer excellent advice and support.

Many doctors surgeries also offer free help and all can provide trained smoking cessation councellors and free nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to help you kick the habit.

All Wales Smoking Cessation Services who provide trained smoking cessation counsellors and free NRT can be contacted on 0880 852219. A list of the pharmacies providing trained cessation councellors and free NRT can be obtained from your local Healthboard on 01978 346500 or speak to your surgery about the service they provide.

One more incentive, as well as the improvement to your health think of all the money you will be saving!

Ramblings From the Rectory
by David Lewis

Dear Friends,
One of my favourite books is ‘Treasure Island’ by Robert Louis Stevenson. I can still remember my father reading it to me as a little boy during the summer evenings in the garden.

There is a story about the young Robert Louis Stevenson. He was looking out of a window one evening at the Edinburgh Street in which he lived, when an old fashioned lamplighter came past on his rounds. The boy’s nurse called him to come and have his supper, but young Robert couldn’t bear to tear himself away from this remarkable sight. He watched the light suddenly appear in the darkness, as the man lit the lamps. ‘Look, look! He cried, his face pressed against the glass, ‘there is a man out there punching holes in the darkness.’

I think that is a marvellous story, because it illustrates what we are called to do as Christians. We are called to bring hope and love to our world and the people we meet. We are to punch holes in the darkness by our light of love.

I read this prayer from Iona the other day which talks of the light we are to bring to our world.

May the Blessing of light be upon you,
Light without and light within.
May the blessed sunlight shine upon you
And warm your heart
Till it glows like a great fire
And strangers may warm themselves as well as friends.

And may the light
Shine from your eyes
Like a candle set in the window of a home,
Bidding the wanderer to come in
Out of the storm.

May God’s light of hope shine from our eyes and may we bring God’s sunshine to our world.
Your Friend and Rector.

by Constable Luke Hughes

Dear All,
I’m sure you are all aware that North Wales Police has recently made changes to the uniform of front line officers, gone are the traditional trousers, white shirt with black tie and all officers are now issued with more practical combat style trousers, black polo-shirts (no ties) and the wearing of body armour is now mandatory. All front line officers have now been issued with baseball style caps in replacement of the traditional male officers helmet, and the female bowler style headgear. The use of the traditional headgear will now be reserved for more formal events such as court and parades. Personally I welcome the change, it is a much more practical piece of uniform, keep an eye of for me modelling the new cap and tell me what you think.

We live in a fantastic rural location surrounded by wildlife, however this is not appreciated by everyone, indeed some people seek enjoyment by persecuting protected species such as Badgers. For those of you who are unaware I am also a Divisional Wildlife Crime Officer, this role requires me to investigate such incidents as "Badger Baiting" and whilst Wildlife crime is not an area that officers are called upon to deal with on a day-to-day basis there are Policing benefits to be gained by tackling wildlife crime.

The evidence is clear that those who engage in wildlife crime are also involved in other areas of criminal activity in particular violent offences and drug related offences. Wildlife crime can in addition be seen as anti social behaviour. We can therefore link wildlife crime to our force priorities. Please help me to catch those who flaunt these laws by reporting any suspicious activity, you can always call into Overton Police Station for a chat or contact North Wales

PC 1842 Luke HUGHES

Bronington & Overton C.B.M
Overton Police Station, Station Rd, Overton LL13 0EF Tel: 01978 290222 Ext 35420
Mobile: 07766 047981

by the Overtinions and our mascot Lucy!

Hello everyone, it’s May already! Doesn’t time fly? Hope you enjoy it!

Jen’s reviews
Hi! This month I have two reviews. The first is about ‘Mr. Bean’s Holiday’.
I thought that this film was a little disappointing, it did not make me laugh and I thought that it wasn’t original. If you have seen ‘Mr. Bean goes to Hollywood’ then you will be expecting the same great story but it seems that Mr. Bean has changed in this movie and he isn’t as loveable as you would expect. The part in subtitles was dragged out and the characters who he meets were not very interesting. If you want to see a great Mr. Bean movie then I would advise renting ‘Mr. Bean goes to Hollywood’ instead and save going to the cinema.
Rating: 6/10
Disappointing, dragged out

My second review is on the band Take That!
As you have probably noticed an old band has sneaked back into the charts. With their new songs, Patience and Shine, they are becoming very popular. In this review I will tell you a bit about the band’s history.
Take That was originally a boy band consisting of 5 members, Jason Orange, Howard Donald, Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Robbie Williams. It started in Manchester in 1990, and they had their first release in 1991. Their songs soon became incredibly popular and they sold 19 million records between 1990 and 1996 which is a tremendous achievement. Their best selling albums were -
Every thing changes 1993
Greatest Hits 1996
Unfortunately in July 1995 Robbie Williams left the band. He and Gary Barlow were not getting on and he wanted to sing more ‘rock’ songs. He would become a very popular solo artist . This was a devastating blow for the band and by the 13th Feb 1996, the rest of the band split up.
The split devastated fans world wide but thankfully for fans, on May 9th 2006 the band announced that they were to record their first studio album in more than 10 years. Alas Robbie was not with them but even without him, I think they have made a great comeback and I think that they are an inspiration!
In my opinion I think Take That’s recent song ‘Shine’ is the best song out! It has a good opening and a steady and interesting beat. It is bouncy and never gets boring. I think the lyrics are good too!
Rating 10/10Without a doubt!

Take That!

Top left - Gary Barlow, Top Middle - Robbie Williams, Top right - Mark Owen
Bottom left - Howard Donald, Bottom right - Jason Orange

Agony Aunt
My first Oracle piece this month is on dandruff
Q: Hi, my friend is really great and I enjoy spending time with her, except she has terrible dandruff. I am starting to feel very uncomfortable around her. How can I get her to get rid of it without upsetting her or seeming rude?
A: Well, maybe you should take her to one side on your own and just quietly and politely tell her that ”you love being mates with her, but she has a slight dandruff problem and it is starting to get more noticeable”. Make sure you don’t raise your voice and stay in a positive mood and it should go well.
Good luck!

Q: I was out walking the other day with my friends, climbing a crooked tree, when I dangerously fell many metres to the floor, and landed on the hard ground. My hand fell into a huge bush of hazardous nettles. My hand was stinging so badly. I would like to know - in case it happens in the future - if there are any ways I can reduce the pain?
A: Poor you! Well firstly, around most nettles you will find dock leaves. If you rub them onto the stung area it reduces the pain. Secondly you could rub some antiseptic cream on. But make sure you’re parent or guardian has said that it is okay first.
Hope your hand is better.

Yr. 7 Review

Hi everyone, we hope you all had a good Easter and got lots of Easter eggs! This month our column is all about school reports. School reports have pieces written by all your teachers about how you are in lessons, your standard of work whether in class or at home and the presentation. You also get to write a comment about how you are settling in and how you think you are doing in each of your subjects. Also what school teams you are involved in and any out of school clubs you do. We hope our advice helps you and please write in if you have any worries.
See you next month! Rebeccs and Lucy

Overton twins speed to success

On the 25th March, Josh and Jamie Kerry, of Sundorne, Overton, competed in the motocross winter championships held in Kidderminster. This was a big event for youngsters, and the lads, both aged 8, did remarkably well in a huge field of competitors.
Josh came overall 6th and Jamie was overall 8th. They both won great trophies, of which they and their parents, Julie and Colin, are justifiably proud.

by Cynthia Davies

Throughout the winter Thomas Cusworth, 14, has been competing at various Indoor Athletics Championships. In January, he became North Wales U15 champion in 60m, long jump and triple jump at Deeside. Following this at the University in Wales Indoor Centre in Cardiff he became Welsh Under 15 champion in 60m and long jump, taking the bronze in 200m.

At the Birmingham National Indoor Arena in February, in the England Championships, he took 5th place in 60m and 200m, thus increasing his UK ranking to 7th in both events. Well done Thomas, let us hope you goon to bigger and better things.

Moving on to Thomas' sister Charlotte, not to be left out has had her own bit of good fortune. Charlotte 16, has been through an international selection process with Girl Guiding Cymru and has been chosen to represent Wales at LIFE 07 National Jamboree in Denmark in July. This is an International Jamboree involving 3000 young people from all over the world.

Charlotte needs to raise funds to go and has been manning stalls at coffee mornings to help her on her way. Charlotte would like to thank the many people who have already helped her with her quest. If you would like to donate money to help Charlotte, please place your donation in an envelope marked Charlotte and drop it off at Cynthia Davies or at Charlotte's 6 Salop Road.

Drama in the Village
by Betty Williams

In the past village people had to provide their own entertainment, and 100 years ago, musical evenings, concerts and dances were held at Overton school, while the “White Horse” and the “Bryn y Pys Arms” each had a small function room. The Village Hall built in 1926 provided a much needed village centre, and in the early 1930s The Junior Imperial League presented several plays. It was in 1936 that several people from Overton and Erbistock formed the Overton and Erbistock Dramatic Society.

In 1937 the Dramatic Society entered the Wrexham Drama Festival and won the Comedy Cup with their presentation of Act One of the play “The Lilies of the Field” by J. Hastings. Mrs Alcock was the producer and the cast were Ronald Atkinson, Jean Glazebrook, Bertha Silion Jones, Mary Burnett, Freda Morral, Kathleen Samston and Edward Benjamin. Mr Ronald Adams, the adjudicator, described it as a very polished and level performance. Later Overton Village Hall was filled to capacity for both evenings when it was presented there.

At the Denbigh and Flint Drama festival which was held in the Church House in Wrexham in March 1938, 39 plays were presented. Overton and Erbistock Dramatic Society retained the Comedy Cup with the play “Heaven on Earth” . Edward Benjamin was the producer and the cast were Jean Glazebrook, Marie Taylor, Mary Burnett, Maxwell Lewis and Ronald Atkinson. The adjudicator Miss Eileen Thorndike of London congratulated them on the arrangement of the stage, the ability they all showed to put their parts over and wait for the laughter to just die down. Also commended was the fact that every member of this company realized that when the audience was laughing they had to take themselves seriously.

In February 1939 they again entered the Wrexham Drama Festival where they performed two plays “Cocktails before Dinner” and “Distant Drums” gaining 68 points and 74 respectively. The play “Cocktails before Dinner” was written and produced by P Maxwell Lewis and the cast were Jean Glazebrook, W Casper, R Atkinson, D J Silion Jones, Marie Taylor and Margaret Keep. Mrs Atcock was the producer for “Distant Drums” by Phillip Johnson and the cast included W Casper, Freda Morral, R Atkinson, E Benjamin, J Glazebrook and Bertha Silion Jones.

It was 18 years later in March 1957 that Dr Casper arranged a meeting in the Parish Room, which was well attended with 21 people apologizing for their absence. Dr Casper then explained their intentions were to meet every fortnight to read plays with a view to producing a play later on. And so the “Overton Amateur Dramatic Society” was revived with Dr Casper as Chairman; A Hewitt as Vice Chairman, Secretary G E Williams, Assistant Secretary O Yeadon, Treasurer Mrs Healy, and the committee consisting of W Price, D Broad and Miss J Woolley. Later in the year whist drives would be held to raise funds.

At fortnightly meetings plays were read and on the 14th January 1958 Overton A. D. S. produced their first play “Without the Prince” by Philip King, with A Hewitt as the producer assisted by Mrs S Owen. The cast were W Casper, J Miles, D Broad, M Plowden, G Gregory, A Woolley, A Hewitt, G E Williams, Barry Haynes, and Wenda Haynes. The report in the newspaper said the society, in producing such a successful first play, will have a very high standard to maintain.

The society now held weekly meetings at Overton Hall, Dr Casper's home, and in May produced a second play “The Wishing Well” by E Eynon Evans, produced by W Casper. The newspaper reported this second production was a great success and although their first production set a very high standard it was far excelled by their latest effort. All round good casting coupled with excellent direction made this possible.

I do remember being taken to see plays at the Village Hall, for example “The Lilies of the Field” and “Heaven on Earth” and have seen and enjoyed many plays produced by the Overton Amateur Dramatic Society since then, last but not least “Goodnight Mrs Puffin”.

Your Letters...

Dear Editor,
I am interested in meeting local people to discuss The White Horse, Overton. I represent Tuns Taverns [www.tunstaverns.co.uk] which has purchased the White Horse. It is our intention to invest in the pub and we are interested in hearing from local people.
We are proposing to create a high quality 'proper' Village Inn for the whole community, in a traditional style. We would like to restore the pub in period detail and we need some help. We think the pub was originally a mid Victorian parlour pub, with quaint small rooms, etched and cut glass detail.
So we would like to appeal for any locals who can shed light on the Inn, its previous internal layout, any old photographs, story's, history etc. It may be we have a local historian who can help us on this aim, if so we would very much like to make contact. I had thought perhaps an open day at the pub might be a good way to meet people.
If you would like to know more about us and the kind of business we operate please look at our website. I hope very much that the village will welcome our proposals and assist us in creating an asset for the community.
Regards Steve Nuttall (Office 01743 792575)
The White Horse in the Edwardian era

Dear Editor,
Just a quick update on the outcome of the letter I sent into the Overton Chronicle regarding my efforts to trace members of the Long family. I have since had contact with Daphne and John Long and Lesley their eldest daughter, my first cousin. I look forward now to the opportunity of re-establishing contact and filling in the missing years.
May I therefore thank you and your readers for their kind interest in making this possible. May I also make a special mention to Sue Glover and Mike Harris for contacting me directly and offering advice and further information.
Kind regards Chris Long


We are very sorry to say that Dr Charlotte Jones is leaving the practice at the end of May. This is a personal decision to move nearer to family, and one which was taken after much deliberation. She will be missed by us all, having become a very popular and caring member of the staff but we wish her well in her new home and career. We will let you know as soon as a new doctor is appointed.

In our constant quest to make life as easy as possible for all patients, can we ask for feedback from any of you who are less mobile as to whether or not we are providing an adequate service. We leave a copy of the current newsletter in the waiting room copied in very large print for those who have a visual disability, and we now have a hearing link in reception to which hearing aids can be tuned. If you want more, we can do more - just say!

Demand is growing for additional services like Insurance Claims and Travel Injections etc. To process these properly, and not keep you waiting, we do ask that you give us sufficient time to deal with your request. Insurance correspondence or anything which needs a doctor to sign will take between 10 & 15 working days and travel information at least 5 to 8 working days.


St Mary's School, Overton-on-Dee raised over £200 for COMIC RELIEF by holding a Freaky Fashion Day. Highlight of the day was a fashion show along a real catwalk.

Overton’s new Methodist minister

Overton’s new Methodist minister is Una McLean. Sorry we ran out of space in last month’s Oracle for Una’s picture, but here she is.

View from the Village Vets.

May is clearly to be a month for walking. One of our vets Sue Allen has entered the ‘Moonwalk’ an overnight marathon walk in London on the 19th May to raise money for breast cancer research. We have sponsor forms on the counter at both of our surgeries and many clients have already offered to sponsor her. For further details go to www.walkthewalk.org.uk.

Macmillan Cancer Support are also holding a series of ‘Walk Wonders’ during the month to encourage owners and their dogs to walk and raise money for this equally worthwhile charity. Those wishing to find out more about the Macmillan walks should log on to the website at www.macmillan.org.uk/walk.

If you would like to participate in one of the walks, but have no dog to accompany you, have you thought of volunteering to walk dogs at a rescue centre or even to give a new home to one of their inmates?
We have a few rescue and re-homing centres in our area, but one which I have been closely involved with over the last 15 years is North Clwyd Animal Rescue a few miles from Holywell. I have watched the charity grow from a few volunteers fostering dogs in their homes until new owners could be found, to the stage where it now has it’s own rescue and re-homing centre and finds new homes for over 600 dogs per year. The charity also has it’s own website where all the animals looking for homes are on view at www.ncar.org.uk.

National Pet Week celebrates it’s 18th birthday this year by becoming National Pet month running from 7th April to 7th May (www.nationalpetmonth.org.uk) and with a theme of ‘Love is....’ the charity has been trying to demonstrate how pets are part of family life, the love they bring to all family members and how we can repay that love. What better time can there be to think about giving a dog or cat a new loving home?

Mark Spurdens, Maelor Vet Centre. 01978 711975


Congratulations to Scott Rennie & Katie Payne on their marriage on May 5th at Colwyn Bay.

Congratulations to Wilf and Rafela Macdonald Brown on the birth of their baby daughter, a baby sister for Alfie & Frank.

Congratulations to Myra & Vince on the birth of their grandchild James Owain Worthington, new son for Mark & Claire.

Congratulations to Pauline and John Dodd on their Golden Wedding Anniversary on 1st June and many thanks for delivering the Oracle for many years.

Belated Happy 70th Birthday to Anne Butt to Scott Lawrenson 8yrs and to Geoff Hodgeson.

Happy May Birthdays to India Simon 10yrs, Luke Haynes 10yrs, Eleanor McCusker 10yrs, Molly Simon 12yrs, Emily Simon 16yrs, Gail Coupland, Josie Ralphs, Jim Phillips and Janine Austin.

Happy 40th to Chris Worthington,
Happy 60th to Jenny Bellis
and a very happy 98th birthday to May Worthington

Happy Birthday to Jade Aird who will be 10 on May 16th. Lots of love and kisses from Grandma, Granddad, Uncle Andrew and Archie the chocolate labrador.

A speedy recovery and best wishes to Mrs Erlys Williams

Our Deepest Sympathy to family and friends of Mary Pugh who passed away in March, and Stanley Wright who passed away in the middle of April.

It is with regret that we note the death of Geoff Owen. Geoff lived in Overton and was well known as a choir member & treasurer of St. Mary’s church, and also as a server in the “corner shop”, where he did the “early shift”. He was born in 1936 in Isycoed and went to Grove Park School in Wrexham. He served in the Royal Air Force and later as deputy head of the Finance department of the NAAFI in Nottingham, before returning to the family home in Overton. Geoff was a private person, with a dry sense of humour, who loved travelling and taking part in quizzes. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.