Spring is in the air

Nobody could have failed to notice how, almost overnight, the trees and hedgerows suddenly burst into life during May after what seemed an endless, cold, damp winter. The countryside is alive with birdsong, and cattle are now again in the fields

The arrival of Springtime lifts the heart and soul, but what greater sight this year than to see cattle grazing again in the fields, as farmers obtain licences to move stock.

The photograph below of the trees outside the Roman Catholic Church, Wrexham Road, Overton, was taken when they were at their best in early May..

Gardens are now bursting with Spring colour, just like the garden of Argoed Cottage which was open to the Public on May 20, receiving over 250 visitors and raising 950 for the National Garden Scheme. 160 was donated to the Rainbow Centre, Penley from the sale of teas.

The Garden House, Erbistock, the home of Simon Wingett, is open to the public on several dates this year specifically for the National Garden Scheme. There is such a variation in the planting and landscaping that one is assured of an enjoyable visit each time. The garden was open Sunday June 3rd and is open again on Sunday 17th. Teas will be available. This fine garden contains many shrub and herbaceous plantings. There are also rose pergolas and a hydrangea avenue with over 200 species. The garden also contains a sculpture garden and a Victorian dovecote. Admission is 1 per adult. Children are admitted free of charge. Part of the monies raised will go to the Frank Wingett Cancer Appeal. The garden can be visited privately at other times when the money goes entirely to the Appeal. It will be open again for the NGS in July and September.

A Very Special day

Miss Rebecca Emma Pritchard, daughter of Mr and Mrs Geoff Pritchard of Llan-y-Cefn Cottages, Overton, and Mr Trevor Lincoln Lea, son of Mr and Mrs Trevor Lea, of Hill Farm, Bradenheath, Nr. Whitchurch, were married at St Chad's Church, Hanmer on April 20.

Wearing an ivory gown with gold embroidered bodice, the bride was given away by her father, and the best man was Paul Richardson.

Geoff and Davina Pritchard wish to thank family and friends for helping to make this a very special day, as it was also their 27th Wedding Anniversary.

Davina said: "They have been seeing each other for about six years and are a brilliantly suited couple. We wish them as long and happy a marriage as ours"

Photograph with the Famous

This month we feature John Austin from St Mary's Avenue arm in arm with Mary Duff who last year was voted the "Best female vocalist of the year". Mary Duff appeared as a special guest of Daniel O'Donnell at the University Concert Hall, Limerick during the time John was on holiday in Ireland.

ED: We are always pleased to print YOUR photograph with a famous person. All you have to do is drop the photograph through the letterbox of 1 St Mary's Court, Overton, together with a short note. The photograph may be coloured or black and white, (or even sepia if it was a long time ago!!). All photographs will be returned in good condition.

They will be printed in the order they are received.

Youth Club to donate 150 towards Millennium Window

Overton Youth Club has decided to donate 150 to the Millennium Window in St Mary's Church in recognition of the value placed on family life and children in Overton. In addition revenue from the Discos has been carefully budgeted to assist in the cost of a new five-a-side football pitch and to help with the cost of some new infants swings at Wrexham Road playing fields. The decision to plough money back into the community was taken at an open meeting held immediately after the Annual General Meeting on May 14.

The open meeting was also attended by Jean Allen from Wrexham County Borough Council's Youth Management Team who shared in the discussion of a new strategic plan for the Club. It was felt that although the 8-11 year olds had benefited from the flexible ages encouraged to attend the Club in the first year, this was not the age group being targeted by the county youth team as needing activity based leisure programmes.

The committee was unanimous in its decision to re-launch the club (closed since March) for 11-18 year olds on Tuesday 5th June with a free Barbeque at the playing field from 6.30pm - 9.00pm, when young people are invited to attend and say what they want from a Youth Club.

David Burton, Chairman of the Community Council said: "The Council recognises the need for a qualified youth leader to take on the responsible role of organising activities and is continuing to support this role for a further year"

At the AGM, officers for the year were confirmed as Chairperson, Paula Powell, Vice-chair, Pauline Edwards, Treasurer, Vonnie Bamber and Secretary Sue Glover.

Young cricketer bowled over

Ross Morrison, of Gwydyr House, Penyllan Street, Overton and a Year 6 pupil at St Mary's C.A. Primary School, has been selected to play cricket for North East Wales (under 11's). Ross, who is presently Captain of his local team, is really excited at the prospect of playing cricket at a higher level.


An increasingly common tale of torment by youths has culminated in a man hanging himself. He was nobody of special note in the every day sense; just a 77 year old man from the north-east of England who, when but a little older than his tormentors, had gone to war like thousands of his generation. They had done brave deeds, received medals for courage and witnessed terrible things that nobody should have to bear, scenes that would remain to haunt them through life. The sort of stuff films are made of but this was for real. The purpose of the war was to ensure future generations were assured of their sovereignty, and the freedom and rights that many countries are still trying to attain. A privilege now so freely abused.

Why mention the above? Well, there also seems to be an increasing element of disturbing behaviour within the community of Overton. A group of youths, not all residents of the village, are amusing themselves by causing trouble and destruction to Clubs and residents of Overton. Their behaviour is threatening and their language of the gutter. They show no respect for the needs of people or property, and when approached show contempt by becoming more of a nuisance. Residents are being intimidated, some of whom do not wish to complain because it might make matters worse. However, this action only serves to fuel the "yob culture", a term now finding its way into our everyday language.

Many people feel the time has come when action needs to be taken. One local organisation, fed up with the continual intolerant behaviour of youths and damage to its property, is now working with the police to monitor and report all incidents of intimidation and other violations of public order. But it is the duty of everyone to REPORT every such incident to the Police by telephoning 01978 290222, who will record and respond accordingly.

Fortunately, the problem is associated with a small number of youths, and the general feeling is that those who are responsible for these young people, and indeed the youths themselves, need to think of the consequences of this mindless destruction, aggression and abuse. It serves no purpose in life and could frustrate job opportunities if violations lead to a conviction.

On a final note, if you think your son or daughter could not possibly be involved, you might be very surprised to find they are. We should all work together to improve the situation so that the rights of all citizens to live in peace are respected.

It is understood that a request has been made to the Community Council to call a public meeting at which these issues can be further debated.

Ed: This article follows those in previous issues from the local Police. We welcome any letters on the subject

Mother's Union Deanery Festival

Pictured below at the Bangor Isycoed Deanery Mothers Union Festival held at St Mary's Church Overton on May 3 are, from left to right, Mrs M Wardle, Mrs M Williams, Mrs J Furber, Mrs F Bailey and the Rev. Valerie Jones.


The Garden House Erbistock

Garden open June 17th

Admission 1 Children free


Annual General Meeting

13 June Parish Room 7.30pm

All welcome


is pleased to launch SANDRA

2.30pm Wednesday June 20

at Overton Village Hall

Ascot hats - Easy Wear Easy care clothes

Complimentary Ascot Teas

Admission 1.00


Thursday 21st June

Parish Rooms, Overton

Commencing 7.30pm

Non-members admission 1