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April 2005


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New Pharmacy now Fully Open

Jesus Saves but Elvis converts!
By Sean Clarke

Artiste Shayne Prince belts out a classic.

I’ve never liked Elvis. In fact I’ve been cultivating an unhealthy hatred of the ‘King’, for many years now. I know I am in the minority and that millions of people the world over still love him, but I’m not one of them. What psychological damage did I suffer as a child? Why have I shunned the artist who has influenced modern music more than Bernie Eccleston on Formula One. How are Everton fourth in the Premiership?..... Who knows?

Due to a series of complicated circumstances I found myself in Overton Recreational Club on Saturday 12th March armed with a camera and expecting to experience/ endure / enthuse over, (select your preference) an evening with Elvis.

I’m comfortable with my prejudice – I have embraced it for long enough, and I had half composed my critique on the journey to the club. The words ‘cheesy ’ and talentless were at the forefront of my mind and given the lack of reported controversy lately I had anticipated several unhappy letters in response to my written diatribe. Life is not predictable though, and however unlikely the idea of writing a rave revue of an Elvis performance seems mutually exclusive to me I do have a responsibility to say as I saw, so here goes....

Enter stage left - Shayne Prince, relative newcomer to full time entertainment as a profession (eight months), and dressed conspicuously in non-jump suit apparel. Introducing himself as an Elvis tribute, as opposed to an impersonator, Shayne kicks off his set with ‘Don’t be Cruel’. At this point I wondered if he sidelined in fortune telling. He worked through his repertoire of Elvis classics ranging from 1954 –1976 and I was defeated. Talent and Integrity in abundance—I had no chance. By the second half there was an outbreak of spontaneous dancing and Shayne was belting out ‘Viva Las Vegas’ surrounded by a decent sized gyrating throng. Even I enjoyed it.

Catching a few words with the Welshpool based artiste, he explained that Elvis’ songs suited his vocal and that there was a big demand for that particular genre. The locals certainly appreciated his efforts. I may not be booking a trip to Graceland just yet but I would watch him again and although it pains me to say, thoroughly enjoyed his performance.

Full Complement for Overton Community Council
At the March meeting Councillors were introduced to Alan Foulkes who is to join the Community Council. Alan and his wife Sue have lived in the Knolton area for 13 years, they have two sons and three grandchildren.

At present Alan works for Wrexham County Borough Council but is due to retire in June and that prompted him to consider joining the Council. “I very much enjoy living in Overton, I think it is a great village and look forward to serving its residents.” The Community Council recognises that Alan’s background will be a valuable asset and look forward to working with him.

By Constable Darren King

by Constable Darren King
As the old saying goes, ‘time flies when you are having fun’. This month sees the second anniversary of me being in post here in Overton, (it seems like only yesterday that I took my first drive around the area in the old Ford Fiesta that used to be the Maelor Section vehicle). Even though over the past 2 years I have not had to have any dealings with the vast majority of residents, I hope that through either seeing me on patrol, knowing my family, or reading these articles, the community of Overton at least know who I am and how to make contact with me. I would like to thank the Community Council for their continued support of my efforts, and also thank the editorial team at the Oracle for allowing me to address residents through this magazine.
You may not be aware that I am one of ten community beat managers who cover the Wrexham South area, (Wrexham South area being, Rhos, Johnstown, Penycae, Ruabon, Cefn Mawr, Chirk, Glyn Ceiriog and the Maelor Section). All of these other areas suffer from a problem we rarely get down here, anti-social behaviour. I believe the main reason for this is because most parents try their best to place values on their children. Children are well cared for and generally not left to their own devices. Unfortunately, it is a common occurrence with a small number of youths in more urban areas to come home after school, be given a couple of pounds and be told, ’Buy yourself something for your tea, and don’t come back until 10 o’clock’. With this going on, is it any wonder anti-social behaviour is so prevalent. But usually it's this small number who are causing all the problems.
However, because of the actions of some of the ‘older children’, recently the village and surrounding area has seen an increase in ‘vehicle anti-social behaviour’. What I mean by this is young drivers ‘razzing’ around, revving engines whilst congregated on car parks, and generally driving in a manner not expected of a competent driver. Whilst I am sure the perpetrators think, ‘we are only having a bit of fun’, I can assure you it is not fun for the people who live nearby or the people who witness this low level of driving and fear for their safety.
So in order to combat this type of behaviour, my colleagues and I will be enforcing section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002, which allows officers to seize vehicles which have been driven in a careless or inconsiderate manner. Owners then have 21 days to pay the initial fine of £120:00 plus £15:00 per day for keeping of the vehicle. If they fail to do this, the car is then crushed. It does not even matter whether or not the driver owns the vehicle, even if it is their parent’s car, the same rules apply. It is as simple as that. But what is even simpler, is that if people drive their vehicles correctly, then this will not have to happen. I think this is a fair warning. Thank you
Darren King Constable 1360. Community Beat Manager for The Maelor Section.The Police Station, Station Road, Overton, Wrexham.LL13 OEF. Telephone: (01978) 290 222 ex 5420. Fax: (01978) 294 771.E-mail: darren.king@north-wales.police.uk

Overton Medical Practice News

Our new environment feels very much like home. There is a book for comments on the reception desk and everyone seems really impressed with the new surgery. . Thank you for your comments we do appreciate feed back from our patients.

We have taken note of all the comments and the raised kerb on the first parking bay at the front of the building, which has caused some problems, will be taken care of as soon as possible. There is still the spacious car park behind the surgery, the Portakabin has been removed and the contractor is returning to improve the pathway and erect clear signs to the front of the building.

A statistic that might surprise patients is that since the beginning of November 2004 until end of February 2005, we had 123 lost appointments because the patient did not attend. We know it is sometimes difficult to get in to see the Doctor, so you can imagine our frustration when appointments are missed. Please let us know if you are unable to keep your appointment in order that someone else has the opportunity to take it.

The school nurse, district nurses and health visitor, based at the Overton Medical Practice are having a number of health events. Leaflets will be displayed in their section of the building. Events being held in April are 11th – 17th April Parkinson Awareness week. The week after is National Depression Week April 18th - 24th.

The Bowling Club, following a very successful season in 2004, is confident of even greater success this season.

We have entered six teams (including two Veterans teams) in the Oswestry League and look forward to the start of the season on 12th April 2005.

The green was reopened on Easter Sunday and we are delighted that the Club continues to attract an increasing number of new members and in fact, we are now very close to optimum membership of 60.

Would all members kindly note that any outstanding membership subscriptions should be paid by 31st March 2005.
Bowling News By Reg Jones
Overton Recreational Club Responds to Global disaster

A recent raffle and Dutch auction held at the club in aid of the Tsunami Disaster Appeal raised £620.00 a cheque for this amount has been sent to the Appeal Fund.The Committee would like to thank Doreen Hamlington and Cynthia Davies for running the Raffle and members who gave generously to the cause. Thanks also to all members who donated prizes. A very successful outcome for a worthy cause.