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July 2004 (Interim Edition)


The Editorial Team

Maxine Palmer - Sean Clarke - Wally Wilton - David Burton - Lesley Pugh - Euan Stevenson

Our reporters cannot be everywhere.



We are pleased to announce that after Alan Edward's shock resignation last month the Oracle will be continuing under new management. New volunteers have come forward and the Community Council who funds the Oracle has taken the opportunity to reorganise the way it is managed.

The news last month that the Oracle was finished was greeted with almost universal dismay, so much so that three new aspiring team members contacted the Oracle to say they would help. This gave Chair of the Community Council, Sue Glover and Vice-Chair, Josie Ralphs an opportunity to discuss the management of the Oracle with the two remaining Council members of the editorial team, David Burton and Lesley Pugh. The result was that the Oracle will be run as a sub-committee of the Council, as the Council funds the Oracle, with a sub-committee chairman - in this case the remaining founding member of the Oracle, David Burton and with Lesley as his Deputy. In this way the Oracle editorial committee will retain editorial control with responsibility for production delegated to a production editor. The Oracle's editorial independence, however, will be maintained.

The new members of the team are Sean Clarke, who works in the NHS and lives on Sodyllt Bank. Sean lived on Parkside for 18 months before moving to Sodyllt 6 months ago. His children attend St Mary's School in Overton. Wally Wilton, who lives at Hilbre on Wrexham Road, is semi-retired and moved to the village 3 years ago he is a part-time training consultant. Our new Production Editor is Maxine Palmer. Maxine has lived in Overtonfor the last 7 months, prior to that she lived in Chester and Sheffield. She is a sales consultant. If you have any articles, adverts, news in brief please put them through Maxine's door or hand them in to the corner shop as before. Euan Stevenson, who has been a member of the editorial team for the last 18 months, completes the line-up of the new team.

Ysgol Grango will continue to provide the printing service and all of the distributors we have managed to contact have agreed to continue to do the deliveries.

Chairman of the editorial team, David Burton was delighted that the Oracle would continue, "I hoped that we could continue, although I was unable to take over the editor's role myself due to work commitments. I am delighted that newer members of the community are stepping in to fill the gap. Isn't that how it should be in a dynamic village community like Overton!"
Due to a tight deadline this edition of the Oracle is a little reduced in content, for example there will be greater detail about the Eisteddfod in the next issue. Look out for the photo shoot of your new Oracle team!

Lauren Jumps For Joy!

Pictured here is the elated Lauren Pinder. Lauren has been riding for 4 and a half years and acquired her horse Jazz (pictured) last August. Two weeks after acquiring Jazz she won her first show at which she came first in her class. On May 30th at the Brynypys Show Lauren won the Major Peel Cup (pictured) which dates back to 1958 . More recently she claimed a 1st at Threpwood, Intermediate class winning the trophy. Lauren plans are to affiliate this year on Jazz. Laurens Mum said "Lauren has done very well in the brief time that she has been riding and we are all very proud of her". Does Overton have a new equestrian star in the making? Let's hope her winning streak continues, well done.

Carol Heads for Kenya

Carol Dykes is both excited and apprehensive about the long flight, when she embarks on her working vacation in Mombassa, Kenya between the 8th and 23rd of July. Carol was one of the people chosen by the Community Church in Wrexham to work for the charity Equipe and we featured her need to raise £1200 in sponsorship in the March issue of the Oracle.

A full report of her time in Mombassa will be given in a future edition of the Oracle but Carol would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have sponsored her, without their generosity this venture would not have been possible.

By Constable Darren King

In this day and age, with the majority of us living such hectic lives, everyone seems to want to do things faster. From E-mails to microwave meals, text messages to drive throughs, all these things are made with speed in mind. Whether it's trying to do a job that needed doing 'yesterday', or trying to sort out work, the shopping, as well as picking up the kids, most people are busy rushing from one thing to the next, and while doing so a large number are content to risk their lives and the lives of others by speeding.

I am not prepared to get involved with the current political debate on speed enforcement. I wish to only deal with facts, and the fact is that Overton suffers from speeding motorists.
You may have noticed an increase in the number of traffic patrols throughout the area lately engaged on speed checks. This is due to the high number of complaints received from concerned residents regarding the excessive speed at which vehicles travel through the village.

As we are all aware, the speed limit throughout the village is 30 MPH, but many drivers seem to think that they can ignore this, even a bus was recorded travelling at 45 MPH on Station Road, and at weekends the sound of motorcycles 'screaming' through the village is a common one. Obviously travelling at this sort of speed in a residential area is unacceptable, and North Wales Police are committed to taking positive action against offenders. But obviously we can't be everywhere, all of the time, so maybe fixed speed cameras are needed to tackle this problem?

What is disturbing though is that a large number of offenders are local people who know that they are speeding. A few miles per hour over the limit sometimes cannot be avoided, but travelling at up to twice the limit certainly can.
Wrexham Borough Council are currently engaged in processing a traffic survey on Overton which will hopefully lead to calming measures being put in place to slow vehicles down. But if drivers choose to travel in excess of the legal limit, they must be prepared to have their driving licences endorsed with 3 penalty points and a minimum of £60.00 fine on each occasion. Please take care whilst driving, and if you are one of the drivers who do speed, just think of the possible consequences if you were to hit a child. Please SLOW DOWN.

Also on the subject of motoring, you may be surprised to hear that there are actually more offences of drink driving during the summer months than throughout the Christmas and New Year period. Statistics also show that the most likely group of offenders are males aged between 18 to 25 years.
If you have had a drink, please don't drive. The possible consequences of this are also not worth it. In the 16 months I have been based in Overton, I have arrested more people for drink driving that anything else. Not only will you receive a hefty fine and the loss of your licence, but if you are unable to travel to work, you may lose your job as well. Is it worth the risk?
Darren King,


I am currently camping by the meadow. My bags have been packed & my property sold so I really am writing this by the light of the moon & the help of my magi light below the stars. Gosh the wind is in just the right direction at the moment for me to pick out the dulcet tones of Aled Jones and the Opera Babes courtesy of this years Eisteddfod; it's beautiful here.

Having been held up by the tube strike I heard that there may be a
vacancy for me after all. However it seems that I have upset some of you; even the bats have changed their flight path. But that's another story.

Should I stay or should I go? I wish to leave my destiny to you. Please complete a polling card which will are located near the ballot boxes. The ballot boxes are located in the village shop and Londis. The closing date to submit your vote is the 31st of July 04. Maybe I will see you around!

Overton Hospitality Assists Eisteddfod

A number of generous Overton resitdents opened their doors once more to assist in the accommodation requirements for the Eisteddfod. French Folk Dance group called Points et Talons Sonnen; arrived on the Eisteddfod field on Tuesday 6th, competed Wednesday 7th, & departed Overton Thursday 8th. Accommodation was arranged by Carol Dyke. Coach Joelle Champion-Moine said "I have enjoyed my stay in Overton and would like to thank all of the people who accommodated us. The dancers came 8th in the competition

Your letters

Another AmDram Triumph

The news that this might be the last issue of the Oracle had me rushing for my pen within hours of watching last Saturday's performance of "Move over Mrs Markham"

The amorous goings-on of this typical Ray Cooney and John Chapman bedroom farce were well described under Alan Edward's excellent direction made it a night to remember.

This type of farce requires very smooth interplay between the characters and a really fast pace. This, together with dialogue and action that became increasingly involved and hilarious as the play proceeded was a real test for the cast to which they responded brilliantly. Much of the skill and, for us, the fun of Amateur Dramatics is to see local people we know so well suddenly portraying characters that are a few light years away from their real selves.

The set too deserves a special mention. We all know the limitations of the Village Hall stage and yet the set-builders managed to construct on it an apartment containing a living room with adjacent hall, a kitchen, a bedroom with adjacent bathroom and a study through all of which the characters moved with consummate ease.

Great stuff AmDram! Roll on the next production!

Springfield Park
(Sorry Ken that you didn't make it in last months issue)

Dear Editor,
Re:Final Oracle Issue - Stargazer

I am amazed that you, with overall control of the final edition, approved the inclusion of the Stargazer final insult in the knowledge that there could be no public right of reply.
We have grown used to trying to decipher the content of the column but the two
Points made, in a misguided attempt to be amusing, go too far.

1 The reference to the Daily Mirror is presumably related to the published fake photographs of British Servicemen torturing Iraqi prisoners and which, it is accepted, caused great harm to the security of British personnel in Iraq. Comparing this in such a flippant way to the "dusting down of my trusty old Kodak Brownie" is grossly insensitive. Star Gazer must be alone in his/her belief that the whole disgraceful episode was amusing.

2 The St Mary's Organ project was always planned to be a three year project and I am sure, form the tone of the reference, that Stargazer will be disappointed to learn that we are well ahead of our fundraising target thanks to the generosity of the people of Overton who care for the future of our Church. The sarcastic offer of fundraising assistance is declined.

The paragraph can only be intended to be derogatory - it is of no interest to those who
do not wish to help and a direct insult to those who have worked very hard to make
The project the success it is. The tone of the paragraph suggests that we are failing in
our fundraising efforts - quite the opposite is true.

I am relieved that this is the final "contribution" from Stargazer and do not wish for a reply - there is simply no defence for the publication of such nonsense. I have always abided by the maxim that if one has nothing sensible to say it is best to remain silent.

Finally I thank you and the editorial team for the work you have given to the publication of The Oracle over the last six years although I have disagreed with some of the content on many occasions
I wish you well
Yours sincerely
Ian V Roberts

Overton Medical Practice News

On Saturday, May 1st the surgery was closed for the first time and the new system came into being to handle medical matters. Apparently it all went well. If you require a doctor urgently on a Saturday morning, ring the surgery as normal and the recording will give you all the instructions you need. As previously detailed, Marchwiel is now closed on Monday mornings but Dr. Breese is taking surgery at Overton instead The name of one or more of your medicines may have changed from June 30. This is to achieve a consistency in the names of medicines available in the UK and ensure compliance with EC Legislation. Around 100 commonly used medicines are affected by this change. Many of the name changes involve a small difference in the spelling of the medicine names, for example: Amoxycillin will now be called Amoxicillin. The medicines themselves will not change and your pharmacist will advise you of any changes.


  • On Friday 11th of June Mary Lewis won & was presented with the Twemlows Challenge Cup for Best Working Hound Puppy of the previous year's entry.It's the second year that Mary has one this, well done. Her winning dog is called "Garden"
  • Can You help? Wrexham Leader is wishing to recruit a Village Correspondent to feature every Thursday in the News section Under Correspondence from Overton If you feel you can help please contact Lynne
  • There is a Good Samaritan in the village... Mrs Latham would like to thank the person "very much indeed" who found her pension books and handed them into the post office. She was very relieved to have them returned to her, thanks who ever you are!