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January 2002


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Father Christmas's visit to Overton

On 11th December, Father Christmas visited Overton, when he was able to make some last minute changes to his list and also make sure the right presents were delivered to the right homes. Not to be left out, a number of adults were also seen putting in their requests!!

Includes Photograph

Memorable Senior Citizens Christmas Party

Over 90 people attended the Village Hall on Tuesday 4th December, beautifully decorated for the Senior Citizens Christmas Party. The entertainment by the children of St. Mary's Primary School was the highlight of the afternoon. Sandra Jones and Dylan Rhys Williams and all the 60 children on stage produced magic and the Christmas Spirit. They must be congratulated on producing such a memorable show for the village.

Banquet takes on a Roman Theme
By Glynis Farley

Once again OADS is joining forces with Overton Playgroup in a fund-raising venture. The Banquet will be held on the 9th March 2002, with Ancient Rome as its theme. The format will be similar to previous years, but with a few subtle changes.

So....if you've always thought you would look good in a toga, or fancied being a god for a night, here's your chance. Perhaps a Gladiator or Roman Centurion is more your style and I'm sure there are still a few vestal virgins around!!


Queen's Jubilee Celebrations group to be set up

The Community Council is spearheading an inaugural meeting of a Queen's Jubilee Celebrations Group to look at how Overton can celebrate the Golden Jubilee year of Her Majesty The Queen. This is a unique opportunity to celebrate a significant milestone in the life of the nation and mark a personal achievement of 50 years on the Throne. The last Golden Jubilee celebrations were Queen Victoria's 115 years ago in 1887, marked in Overton by the Jubilee Pump next to the old Courthouse. The nationwide celebrations will start at lunchtime on Monday 3rd June, when church bells, cannons, whistles and drums will announce the start of the garden and street parties. Later, bonfires and beacons will be lit across the country. If you would like to join the inaugural meeting of Overton's Jubilee Celebration Group, then please attend the Parish Room on Wednesday 23rd January at 7.30pm. The meeting will be chaired initially by David Burton, Chairman of the Community Council.

Overton girls raise 150 for Cancer Fund

Last year Julia Williams (aged 6) and Sophie Williams (aged 8) from Sundorne, Overton, jogged around Overton Football Field to raise funds for "The Fight Cancer Together Club", based at Chirk Hospital. The organisation provides support for Cancer patients and their families. Seen above are Julia and Sophie presenting their cheque for 150, which will go towards building a new extension to allow more people to attend the facilities.


Dear sir,

I would like to respond to the statement in the last issue of the Oracle, under "Community Chest Grants Issued", that "An application by St Mary's Church PCC for financial assistance towards the costs of maintaining the grass in the churchyard on an ongoing basis was refused. This was not what was asked for !

I wrote on behalf of the PCC to the Community Council, hoping that as they prepared their budget for the coming year, they would consider "a donation" towards the upkeep of the churchyard.


Dear Sirs,

On behalf of Overton Community Council I would like to clarify the conditions under which the Council makes payments or donations to organisations in the village. The Council's policy is only to contribute to capital projects. For example, recently the Council contributed 1900 towards the cost of the Millennium Window in St Mary's church, which was a capital project. Similarly, grants were provided to St Mary's School to help fund the cost of football and netball kit, to the Playcentre to help fund an environmental garden, and to the Methodist Church to help fund their extension, all capital projects.


Community Council adopts new ethical Code

Overton Community Council has adopted a new Code of Conduct, arising from Regulations made by the National Assembly for Wales to govern the conduct of members of local government. The ten principles covered by the Code are selflessness; honesty; integrity and propriety; the duty to uphold the law; stewardship; objectivity in decision making; equality and respect; openness; accountability and leadership.

A copy of the Code can be inspected at Overton Library

New Hire Charges for Village Hall

The Annual General Meeting of Overton Village Hall Management Committee held on the 20th November was poorly attended despite being previously advertised in the Oracle. There were no nominations for the post of Chair or Secretary. However, James Glover agreed to stand as vice-chair and will act as Chair until such time as a permanent appointment can be made. Alison Matthews was re-elected as treasurer. Paul Galloway, the outgoing Chair, gave a short address and thanked all former officers for their sterling work.

At the following general meeting it was agreed to make the Hall a no smoking venue, to provide disabled access to the main door to the library and parish rooms, to seek nominations for the post of Chair and Secretary, and to increase hire charges for the Hall as follows:-

Before 7.00pm 8.00 per hour
After 7.00pm 12.00 per hour

Parish Room
First hour 5.00
Over 1 hour 9.00 per session

Any other details from the caretaker on 01978 710658