Community Policeman takes up residence

P.C. Pat Burns has taken up his duties from PC Wycherley as the new Community Beat Manager for Overton and district. Based at Overton Police Station, he will be policing the vast rural area known as The Maelor, which stretches from Cross Lanes near Marchwiel to Redbrook Maelor near Whitchurch.

P.C. Pat Burns comes to Overton with over 24 years' Police service in North Wales. He is no stranger to the area, having been the last officer to work at the Hanmer Police Station prior to its closure in 1996. He has three grown-up children and shares the Police House with his wife Mary and their 19 year old daughter. He is also a Grandad!

Many people will remember him also from the time he used to police this area as a member of the former Community Police Team which at that time comprised three officers based at Overton. Many will also recall him from the frequent visits he used to make to the various schools in the area. P.C. Burns said: "It makes me feel old when girls come up to me to show me their children, knowing that I taught their cycling proficiency not so long ago!"

He and his family have now settled into the Police Station House and hope to get involved in local community activities, especially the twinning with France.

PC Burns said: "I realise I have arrived here at a sad time when the village is experiencing anti-social behaviour by a small number of local youths, and I am fully aware of what took place at the church recently. But I want the local youngsters to know that I am here for them as well as the elderly. WE HAVE ALL MADE MISTAKES IN OUR PAST and I am prepared, when possible to give everyone a fair chance or warning. However they only get one - I will not suffer fools "

Within the next few months he hopes to visit all the local clubs, schools etc., and has already met some of the youngsters in the village. It is believed he has no objection to being called "Policeman Pat" (after all he reckons he has been called worse at times)

P.C. Burns said: "I would like to point out although I am a resident officer, the Heartbeat Days are far gone. I am not on duty 24 hours a day and have my privacy when off duty. If someone wants the police and there is no reply at the office door, please pick up the phone beside it. Having come this far please don't go away without leaving a message. If you wish to contact me, please telephone 01978 290222 and ask for Overton Police Station"

He added: "As we are coming up to the festive season, Mary and I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and good health and happiness in the New Year."

Following the report in the last issue of the Oracle concerning the vandalism to the church lanterns, it is understood that after enquiries by the police, those responsible have now been identified, and action is being taken.

At a recent meeting of the Community Council, concern was expressed that even with the back-up of the fast response team, it has been extremely difficult for the local Community Beat Manager to give more of his time to Overton with such a vast area to cover. The Council expressed the view that more Community Beat Managers should be stationed at Overton, and the Chairman of the Community Council, Councillor Burton agreed to write to the Chief Constable on behalf of the Council for his observations.

At the same meeting, the Community Council agreed to erect a Christmas Tree outside the surgery for the third year in succession. As in previous years Cytun will be organising a community carol singing evening for parents and children from 6.30pm on Monday 17th December. An event not to be missed!

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Dear Sirs,

I wish to respond to the letter from Mr Jones of Ruabon Raceway which appeared in your November edition.

Mr Jones's enterprise must be a couple of miles from my house as the crow flies and yet I can hear the tannoy announcements and the roar of engines loud and clear. The noise is still distinct when I am inside my house. The disturbance to my Sundays is far more pervasive and annoying than the sounds of any lawnmower.

In Lightwood Green we already have to put up with the noise from the timber yard which starts work between six and seven each morning, six and a half days a week, (though the owner is aware of the noise disturbances and has taken action to limit them), and the noise of the lorries going up and down the lane in the middle of the night driven by a neighbouring haulage firm. Surely it is not too much to ask for a little peace and quiet on a Sunday?

I find it quite incredible that this activity is outside the control of the local authority's planning department when the same planners see fit to control much smaller scale, and far less obtrusive, developments on peoples' property.

I note that Mr Jones has written from Oswestry. Perhaps he would like to transfer his operation closer to his own house and see how tolerant his neighbours are of this bit of "free enterprise"?

Mrs H.J.Harris Lightwood Green

Dear Sirs,

The assumption by Mr Jones of Ruabon Raceway that a barbeque must automatically be a raucous occasion, has given rise to much comment and amusement amongst friends and acquaintances. They, like us, can see no reason why any meal taken outdoors should be conducted with less civility than a meal eaten in the dining room, indoors. However, it does serve to graphically illustrate that, to Mr Jones, entertainment must be intrusively noisy.

Mr Jones champions the right to follow a chosen pastime. He might care to note that the owners of the Red Hall Lane venue have, for many years, actively discouraged walkers from using a legal public right of way across their land.

The 2002 season starts in late April. As 14 events would be allowed by law, a large area of the community must prepare to brace itself to have the enjoyment of a few inflicted on the many, and right throughout the summer. This surely should not be allowed.

A non-abusive suggestion to Mr Jones is, as you call yourself Ruabon Raceway, please confine yourself to Ruabon.

Mrs L Pugh Lightwood Green.