December 2000

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School's Millennium Project takes shape

St Mary's Primary School has been busy creating a sensory garden, an outdoor classroom and a sculpture area as part of its Millennium Project.  The idea originated from the children themselves and the project has been co-ordinated by a landscape architect from Groundwork Wrexham.

Includes Photograph


Olympic Wrestling Coach offers course in Overton.

Balvinder Matharu, who runs the White Horse Inn, is keen to find out if there is any interest in the village from youngsters wishing to take up boxing, Olympic wrestling or physical fitness.


Footpath scheme goes ahead

It was reported in the last edition of the Oracle that the footpath scheme at the rear of the bungalows in Parkside had been abandoned by Wrexham Council because of lack of money. Following pressure by the Community Council and local MP Martyn Jones, the scheme was revived and was completed during November, much to the delight of local residents. Mrs Dorothy Morton who occupies one of the properties affected said; "It's been a wonderful improvement and I feel more secure now that the gardens have been fenced."

Youth Club News

The forthcoming end of term Junior Disco will be held in the Village Hall on Wednesday 20th December from 7.30 - 10.30pm.  Vonnie Bamber, Treasurer of the Club said: "The discount flyers giving 50p off the admission price of 2.50 will be available from St Mary's and the Maelor Schools during the week before the disco."  She added: "I would respectfully ask parents to refrain from dropping their children off in the village for anything up two hours before the disco"

The Youth Club meets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 6.30 - 9.30pm in the Scout Hut, Wrexham Road.

The children are now thinking about next years programme of events

If  you would like to help at the Youth Club, or at the discos, please contact Vonnie 

Crime Reports

At a recent meeting of the Community Council, P C Wycherley presented a report on a number of crime related incidents in the village that had occurred over the last few months. Although Overton could hardly qualify as a major crime centre councillors heard details of an extraordinary catalogue of petty crime ranging from over-exuberance on Hallowe'en night to more serious matters such as incidents of car break-ins, domestic incidents and burglary.


100 raised for School

The White Horse Inn raised 100 for St Mary's School, Overton by holding a firework display and bonfire on 4th November. Bal and Sindy would like to thank all their customers and friends for their support, particularly Geoff Pritchard who supplied the wood and Andy Richards who made a donation towards the cost of the fireworks.

Community Carol Singing

Community Carol Singing to the Maelor School Band was so successful last year that arrangements have been made to repeat this festive event on the Surgery Car Park on Thursday 14th December commencing 6.30pm. This is a great opportunity to bring the family, meet up with friends and sing your heart out.

The Community Council has again made arrangements for a Xmas Tree to be erected this year.

Now We Know More!

Last December, David Burton asked who were the people we were remembering when we stand opposite the War Memorial each year and asked if there was anyone prepared to research it for us. Congratulations to Alan Jones of Maelor Court who took up the challenge, and we have enjoyed his three articles, including details of the fallen and where they fell.  


Have you been photographed with a star or famous person?

Let us have your photograph with short description of the event and we will print it in a future edition.

An interview with Tim Vincent

by S. Davies

When a work colleague of Jill Pugh's was attending a wedding in Yorkshire, at which Tim Vincent was also a guest, Jill could not resist in forwarding our regards from Overton, and asked whether he would permit a very short interview for the Oracle.


Scouts Use Nighthawk to Remember

Over the last few years Overton Scouts have received praise from the British Legion for a good turnout. Leaders admitted to our reporter that they use subterfuge to achieve this.


Overton and District Bowling Club

The chairman Mr Reg Jones welcomed members and friends to the annual dinner and presentation evening held at the Llwyn Onn Hall Hotel on October 13th.


The Future of Overton Cub Scout Pack

Efforts to continue the activities of the Cub Scout Pack have met with little success, mainly due to the lack of uniformed leaders. This is necessary for insurance purposes whilst boys are in our care. Anyone interested should be prepared to undergo formal training in order to satisfy the rules of the Scout Association. If you feel you can spare the time and commitment then please contact the undersigned.

For any Cub Scouts still wishing to continue I can only suggest that they approach other Packs in the area such as:-

Marchwiel, Hanmer and Bangor-on-Dee.

Harold Toone

Group Scout Leader

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Dear Editor

What on earth are the 'bright sparks' of Wrexham County Borough Council thinking of to spend tens of thousands of pounds making a footpath to the rear of the old people's bungalows in Parkside (that is to say, the rear, which is in reality, the front of these bungalows)?

The residents only wanted the holes to be filled in and their gardens made safe, in no way did anyone envisage such a costly scheme. The purchase of the strip of land was dear enough without all this expense. The fences being put up prevents them from looking out across the fields when they are sitting in their living rooms. The mess is unbelievable, and I presume that lighting will have to be put in to complete the project. What a dreadful waste of money for something that is unlikely to be used by the pensioners whose houses have survived without this for over 30 years.

D.F Moraghan



Ed: see article which offers a different view on the subject

Dear Editor

As many will know Mrs Pat Mathias has decided to give up the leadership of the Cub Pack here in Overton.

I read the recent tribute paid to Pat by others in your newsletter, but I would like to add my own thanks and those of all leaders here at 1st Overton Scout Group. Pat did an excellent job, despite ill-health at times as well as her family duties and carried out the responsibilities of running the Pack in the best traditions of Scouting.

For this we owe her a debt of thanks which words do not really describe for her perseverance, sense of duty and personal commitment to those in her charge. Pat and her special qualities will be sadly missed.

Thank you Pat.

Harold Toone, Group Scout Leader

Dear Editor

When watching those standing at the Cenotaph and at our own Memorial in this village, I was reminded of recent letters in the Oracle stressing the importance of remembering the sacrifices made for us in the past by those commemorated there. However, with the stress this year on ensuring that the young are involved in this contemplation of what has happened in the past, surely we should acknowledge that it is not only the people who have died and suffered whom we are remembering, but also we are promising not to perpetuate, condone or nurture in our own lives, the sort of hate, prejudices or cruelty, which on a larger scale lead to war.

Is this not therefore an appropriate time for our community to address the rifts and hurts which we have inflicted on each other.

Forgiveness is a very hard goal to achieve. But if this is too hard an ideal, then perhaps we could at least accept the following thought. Although, as in war, people are subject to misunderstandings, injustices, prejudice and persecution, the only hope we have for a brighter future for us and future generations is that whether it is within the small sphere of our village community, or within the wider aspect of the world at large, bitterness and resentment perpetuate division and war and this is what we should address today.

The message incorporated within the ethos of Remembrance Sunday is that although we should not forget the past, and may find it hard to forgive, we should strive not to nurture the sort of thoughts and actions which will now, or in the future, lead us to be in a state of war with those whose lives touch ours, whether in our local community or in the international spectrum.



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