August 2000

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Overton welcomes youth choir from the Netherlands.

A delightful youth choir from Breda (near Antwerp) in the Netherlands, visited Overton from 4th to 9th July. Over half the choir was accommodated in Ellesmere and it was one of many groups of competitors who had travelled from all over the World to compete in the 54th annual Llangollen International Eisteddfod.

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Community Council appoints new Chairman

At the meeting of the Community Council on 11th July, Councillor David Burton was elected as the new Chairman of Overton Community Council, following the retirement of Councillor Farrell.

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Summer Youth Challenge

The Overton Oracle is running a competition for the young people of Overton to write a short article with the theme "The Summer of 2000, the Millennium year".


A three month adventure of discovery

Chris Lipson, previously a pupil at Overton Primary School and Ellesmere College, recently completed an exciting three-month expedition to the Antarctic and Chilean Patagonia as a member of the British Schools Exploration Society Millennium expedition.


Community Council confirms Oracle set up.

At a meeting of the Community Council on the 11th July, Councillors gave permission to Mr I Roberts, Treasurer of St Mary’s PCC Overton, to express his concern over the alleged bias of reporting in the Oracle in relation to Knolton Bryn Mission, and to further express his view that as the Oracle was supported financially by the Community Council, then the Community Council was accountable for its content.


Overton Brownies Litter Campaign Gets Under Way

Overton Brownies started their litter campaign in Overton, on Monday 17th July. Starting from the Playschool, where they hold their meetings, they set off collecting as much litter as they could along School Lane, Dark Lane, High Street, Willow Street and Wrexham Road. The idea for the campaign came from the Brownies themselves, who deceided that it would be a worthwhile project towards their Conservation badge.

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Dear Sirs,

Yet again you have published a letter on the subject of Knolton Mission which although well-meaning in its content, adds nothing to the already substantial, biased opinion and hearsay which has filled the pages of the Oracle over the last nine editions.