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Aug 2008


The Editorial Team

David Burton - Euan Stevenson - Sean Clarke - Cynthia Davies

Please remember that the Oracle has no reporters. We rely on individuals or representatives of our village’s many organisations to write contributions and e-mail them to editor@overton-on-dee.co.uk or leave them at the Corner Shop. So if you think there is something that should be in the Oracle or your organisation is not mentioned - do something about it! Write something for the Oracle!


Thank You for the Fete
from Jo Kember

Yet again we were lucky with the weather, and Fete Day blessed us with sun as well as lots of happy smiling faces, which is what it's all about. I hope everyone who came enjoyed the feeling of friendship and community because that is the aspiration for the whole day Thank you to all the people who took the time to organise and run stalls.

Once more I owe a huge thank you to the following people:
Pat Loughlin and Craig for ensuring the field and the avenue were in such fine order.
Katrina Chalk for all the 'paperwork' and help she gave me.
Mick Pinder for the PA system.
Stephen Sorfleet for being our Announcer.
Lloyd Kenyon for opening the fete.
Mike Done and family for fetching and setting up all the tables and chairs,
and Geoff Pritchard and the Evison brothers for putting them all back afterwards!
The village hall committee and the Catholic church for lending us the tables and chairs.
Katrina, again, for clearing the litter, despite the fact her feet were killing her!
Abbey Road Gymnastics club, for yet another great display.
The Fire Brigade and the Police for being there again this year.
Last and not least, THANKS TO ALL OF YOU for coming! - -See you next year!

No sooner do we have one, than another fete comes along!
from Julie Done

Where has the Overton School Fete gone? It has always been immediately after the school sports day. But this year . there was no sign of it...
No parents frantically setting up tables and bringing out the old faithful games, no BBQ being dragged from someone’s car with an equally unsure pair of Dads wondering how they got roped into catering for hoards of hungry kids ! Something's afoot, the school definitely still needs the fund raising and I'm sure there is still a group of fundraisers that meet in The White Horse.... they've been spotted. So what are they planning?
I'll tell you if you promise to spread the word.
A date for the diary - Saturday 13th September 2008
Extravaganza ! 12 till 5pm a huge fete in the school grounds for the whole community with lots going on including a display from the territorial army, a London based professional magician, a reptile demonstration, the fire brigade, police, gymnastic display, story telling, picnic lunches for sale, crockery smash, craft tent, produce display and competitions and TONNES MORE !
7pm till late, an evening of entertainment again at the school and all are welcome. This will include live music, a performance by the children, maybe even flamenco dancers and paella ! But definitely dancing, great food and fireworks to finish.

So now you know where its 'gone' , it hasn't it's just a new improved version with loads going on both during the day and later on. Look out for more information in next months Oracle, on posters around the area or contact St. Mary's School.

Ramblings From the Rectory
by David Lewis

Dear Friends,

I love it when church notices go wrong and come to mean something different. The following actually appeared in church bulletins or were announced in church services. One vicar wrote in the Parish newsletter: ‘Miss Charlene Mason sang, ‘I will not pass this way again’, giving obvious pleasure to the congregation.

Another newsletter item read: ‘At the evening service tonight, the sermon topic will be ‘What is hell?’ Come early and listen to our choir practice.’

It was announced on Sunday: ‘Low Self Esteem Support Group will meet Thursday at 7pm. Please use the back door’.

Finally one church proudly proclaimed: ‘Don’t let worry kill you off - let the church help’.

They all made me smile. But the message the church really wants to get out is that God loves everyone and wants to share in their lives. So often the press concentrate on the negative things that happen in church, the arguments over women priests, over homosexuality, and the vicar running off with whomever. And in doing this, the real message of hope and love that the church wishes to proclaim gets lost.

A Christian writer, Henri Nouwen once wrote ‘Joy is the experience of knowing that you are unconditionally loved’. And God loves each of us.
That is the message of hope the church should always proclaim.

We remember Margaret Samson in our prayers and pray for her family on her untimely death. Margaret will be greatly missed at St Mary’s and in the village for her strong Christian faith allied with an incisive enquiring mind. She was a great supporter of lay ministry and of the ecumenical movement in Church, as well as being enthusiastically involved in many community groups and issues. She will be missed.

Your Rector and friend

St. Mary’s Church will be open for Coffee in aid of Nightingale House, Wrexham, every Wednesday 10.30 to 12 until the end of August.


It is with great regret that we will be saying ‘goodbye’ to Dr Richard Cooper at the end of the month and ‘hello’ to two new registrars, Dr Jessica Sokolov and Dr Bhavana Sreeram who will be with us from August for 1 year’s GP training. Julie Perkins has been running her Acupuncture Clinics here for a year now and it has proved to be increasingly popular. If you feel unsure if you would benefit from acupuncture, please phone her and she will offer helpful advice without obligation. Tel: 01691 624734 – Mobile: 0781 687 3176 or you can make an appointment at reception.

We want to apologise to all those patients who were affected by the computers being down for two days at the start of July. Your patience was much appreciated and thankfully the whole operation went very smoothly and we were up and running in record time.

From Monday 7th July patients who are signed up for the Internet services are able to order their prescriptions online. To take advantage of this you need to register with the Practice first to receive a PIN number to allow access into the programme. Instructions will guide you through the process and there is the facility to type in any request for medication which you cannot see on your repeat. If these are not issued within the agreed 48 hours, you should check to see what the screen says as we will send back an explanation as to why they have not been given..

Wales is very fortunate that the Assembly has abolished payment for prescriptions. England is charging £7.10 per item which can add up if you take several different medications. You may have seen the acronym ‘OTC’ or heard someone in the surgery use this. Nothing sinister in this it just means ‘over the counter’. One of the recommendations when fees ended was that patients should, where possible, buy any basic medication over the counter from the pharmacy, items such as Aspirin, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Piriton, Zirtek, Head Lice preparations etc. If you see the doctor and this is what they recommend you use, there is no need for a prescription to be made out. Some people have been on these medications for a long time and their scripts won’t change to avoid confusion. Hopefully this explains why you are being asked to buy your own OTC medicines on very rare occasions.

The next Practice Patient Participation Group is to be held on Monday 18th August 2008 at 6.00pm -- newcomers especially new young members, are always welcome.


Children from St Mary’s School, Overton had the honour this year (with children from the schools at Penley, Isycoed, Bangor on Dee, Marchwiel, Eyton, Hanmer, Borderbrook and Bronington), of opening the 2008 Llangollen Eisteddfod. They preformed the Message of Peace and Goodwill on the World Stage in the Royal Pavilion. Within the presentation, songs included were “Let us walk in Peace” and “We are the youth of the world”. Wearing coloured tee-shirts with the word ‘Peace’ in different languages, the children sang, danced and played their way into the hearts of the audience. A message of peace and goodwill has been delivered from young people at the Llangollen Eisteddfod since 1952 and the local papers reported that this years “must rank with the very best”.

School Sports Day
Sports Day started off with bright sunshine for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 in the morning but unfortunately the sun couldn't peep it's face out for the Juniors in the afternoon. This did not affect however the fun and enjoyment of all the pupils.
Sports day results:
Victor Ludorum ---- Chris Whittaker
Victrix Ludorum ---- Alice Williams
Sportsperson ---- Ffion Willis
Sports Day this year was won by Dee
The whole event was carefully watched over by Mr Williams. Congratulations to everyone who took part.


The Oracle wishes to say a BIG THANK YOU to Jenny England and her team, Rebeccs, Lucy, and Catherine for producing the Kids Page! since November 2006.

As they are giving up to devote themselves to an “exams year” we would welcome any offers from any of our other young readers who would like to produce the Kids Page.
If you are interested, get in touch by e-mailing editor@overton-on-dee.co.uk

“Strawberries and Scarecrows” – an Innocent Pleasure
by Euan Stevenson

Someone stated in a newspaper article recently that Walt Disney films had lost their “innocence”. Thinking about loss of innocence, it struck me that the 21st century is very short on innocence. To be “cool” , T.V. shows have to be smutty, people seem to have to swear to be considered funny, and movies seem to be popular only if they have a high level of violence.

Fresh from reading the newspaper article, I went along to the “Strawberries and Scarecrows” event on Saturday 12th July, at Overton St. Mary’s church.
What a refreshing change – here was innocence indeed, the very essence of village life. You could have a strawberry scone with tea, and purchase a wide variety of home-baked cookies and cakes. You were entertained by Lauren’s young dancers, who were athletic, musical and well synchronized. The life-like scarecrows were waiting to be scrutinized (the winning scarecrow was by Clarice McDonald – Brown ).

People wandered through the church, perusing the stalls, having a go at the raffle or the “whisky draw”, chatting together and listening to the background music – simple pleasures.

I returned home carrying a seemingly new copy of a John Grisham novel which I had purchased for 50p. and clutching a tin of “Grandma’s clotted cream shortbread biscuits” which I had won in the raffle.
I thought to myself “innocence is bliss”.

A tribute to Margaret Samson
by Peter Rosselli

It was with enormous sadness that we learnt of the accidental death of Margaret whilst on holiday last month with her family, at the age of 77, in the peak of health.

Margaret was of course married to Mat and both of them came to Overton in 1960 as our village doctors. In this they were both fantastic, knowing their subject and their patients in detail – there was little point in pretending that you had followed their instructions if this was not so! Mat sadly died very nearly at the age of sixty one in 1991 but by this time Margaret had retired.

Margaret (Marnie) as was mentioned in her funeral service had two pillars on which she based her strengths – faith and family. She was a regular worshipper at St Mary’s, singing in the choir for many decades, she formed a thriving prayer group and willingly joined the little group that started “The Friends of St Mary’s” last year. Her other passion was her family. Hilary and Richard were born before they arrived in Overton whilst David and Jane followed. She had eight grandchildren all of whom were remarkably close. It was quite impossible to get hold of her in July and August through family commitments, but otherwise she was incredibly generous with her time.

She involved herself deeply in the community, serving on the PCC, the Mothers Union, was a governor of both the present and previous Primary Schools. I had close contact with her with the present St Mary’s School and know how much her work was appreciated by teaching staff, parents and pupils. She was a regular visitor to Nightingale House. The Friends of St Mary’s were really lucky to have the benefit of her energy, knowledge of the community and plain good sense in getting the project started last year.

One might have suspected that with all these activities, there would be no time left for other interests but somehow she fitted in poetry and painting, a love of gardening with a special interests in planting woodlands and a very keen walker. (See her account of walking part of the Compostela Trail in the January 2006 Overton Oracle - still available on line)

What a person and how she will be missed by her family and enormous circle of friends. She will be a huge loss to the community.

by Constable Luke Hughes

I am pleased to say that our area suffers from very few domestic burglaries, in fact we have only had 8 in the last twelve months, compared to over 200 in Wrexham town over the same period... However there will always be occasions when someone will seek to take advantage of our rural location. Once such incident occurred in Bangor on Dee overnight on the 17th July 2008. On this occasion the offenders have managed to gain entry to the premises and taken the keys to both the vehicles that were parked on the drive as well as a number of other items from within the property. The occupants of the house were actually asleep in the house at the time. It is suspected that the offenders were able to reach inside and unlock the front door by placing their arm through the letter box. I would urge all readers to consider their own personal security arrangements; if you would like a personal visit and a home security review free of charge please contact myself or one of the members of your community policing team.

If you own a white car, be careful where you park it on a Monday. That's because white cars are the most likely to be stolen, and thefts peak on Mondays, according to a report by the RAC Foundation and Retainagroup, probably because many motorists do not discover their car has been stolen until they get up for work, when their car may have been stolen over the weekend. White cars are said to be more at risk because white paint is non-metallic and is easier to disguise through re-spraying. Black and silver cars were second and third in the list, although this may be down to the fact that they are the most popular car colours, and so there are more of them to steal.
PC 1842 Luke HUGHES (Community Beat Manager)


Mike and Karen Pinder at the Corner Shop would like to thank everyone who signed the Small Business Petition. Over 1000 signatories signed the petition. Thanks also to those who signed the petition in Select and Save.

Tina and Julia’s Fund Raising keeps on Running

On 3rd June this year at 7:30pm Tina Williams successfully competed in the 5Km “Race for Life” around the grounds of Chester Zoo in order to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. Tina competed against 2,500 other women and finished in the first forty.

Tina was under extra pressure this year as her daughter Julia Williams also entered and completed the same race. Together they have raised a total of £669:00 for the worthy charity. Tina and Julia would like to express their thanks to all in the Overton community and surrounding areas who gave generously.

This is not Tina’s first fund raising event. She is an avid supporter of Cancer Research. They had both trained hard in all weathers this year and proved themselves on the night. The Charity duo are already planning next years event. Tina and Julia should be applauded for their efforts and for their continuing enthusiasm to supporting good causes that benefit us all.
Well done Tina and Julia, you are a running success story!

Overton welcomes Lithuanian Visitors

Once again Overton residents played host to one of the competing groups in the Llangollen International Eisteddfod. This year we welcomed Choir Gobija, a choir of young people from Vilnius University in Lithuania. In their competition, the Mixed Choir, they came 4th.

The International Eisteddfod would not be able to welcome choirs and dance troops from all over the world without the hospitality provided by the surrounding villages. In Overton this year the hospitality team was coordinated by Carol Dyke. A big thank you to all those local people who made their spare bedrooms available for our young Lithuanian visitors this year.
If you did not manage to hear this talented choir go to http://www.llangollen.tv/en/clip/121 to see and hear their performance at the Eisteddfod.


Our friends from La Murette are visiting Overton from Sunday 3rd - Sunday 10th of August this year, staying with various families in the village. The group of 25 is made up of 17 adults and 8 youngsters aged from 7-14 yrs. We hope as many of you as possible will take the opportunity to join in with the activities we have planned for the week; we think there's something to interest everyone. Why not come along to catch up with old friends and hopefully make a few new ones

The group arrives at Overton Village Hall at approx 4.00pm on the Sunday 3rd, please feel free to come along and welcome our visitors. On Monday there is a visit to Liverpool 2008 City of Culture, the World Museum & Walker Art Gallery with a picnic lunch and the Albert Dock (time permitting). On Tuesday a village Treasure Hunt followed by a picnic lunch in the orchard at Erddig and a visit to the house (Victorian Day). On Thursday an option of going to Chester or for the children - the Crocky Trail. Old play clothes/footwear are advised as they could get wet & dirty! On Friday there’s a trip to Quarry Bank Mill and on Saturday to Conway Castle. The group departs from Overton car park at 9.30am on the Sunday. Do come along to bid our friends Au Revoir and Bon Voyage as they leave for the airport. For further details contact Glynis.

by Henry

It is good to see in this edition of the Oracle (page 8), news of a young man doing well in the armed forces. British service people are in action around the world every day of the year. They know that if they need support - now or in the future - the Royal British Legion is always on active duty for them. Although the needs of ex-Service people have changed over the years, the Legion is still there to safeguard their welfare, interests and memory.

Here in Overton we desperately need support and members for our branch of the Legion. We welcome men and women of all ages, whether they have served in the Armed Forces or not. If you would like to help contact Gerry Owen on 710792 The Legion meets about once a quarter in the Recreational Club.

A big thank you to Mark Pemberton for his time as poppy co-ordinator and a request for anyone who can be his replacement. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and so if you are a good organiser we need you!

Your Letters...

Dear Editor,
I have lived in our village for over 20 years the last 16 years at 9 Poethlyn Terrace in School Lane and I agree with Mrs M E Rogers that it is like a racing track past our houses between 5.15am and 6.15am. I leave my home at 5.30am every morning for work and I see the cars speeding down our road.
If our local police force were to set up a speed camera at either end of School Lane they would have enough money from the offenders to put traffic calming humps on our road especially as it has a school
at the lower end of School Lane. A few years ago I did ask a councillor about putting speed ramps on this road but as usual we always get forgotten about in Overton.
A T J Stubbert

Dear Editor,
I am looking for a lift/transport to Wrexham Industrial Estate, Monday to Friday. If you travel from or through Overton at about 7.30am for an 8am start I would be happy to share fuel costs. If you are able to help, contact me on 710786
Kevin Bamber

Reminder: It is the policy of the Oracle and all newspapers, that they will not publish anonymous letters.
Writers of letters to the Oracle who have given their name and address, can request that their letter
concludes with the words “name & address supplied”.

Where have all the Tea Towels gone ????
(to the tune of "Where have all the flowers gone" )

We keep replacing the Village Hall tea towels on a regular basis so this is a plea to anyone who can spare a tea towel or two for a good cause. As you know the users of the kitchen facilities are many and we like to provide clean tea towels and table cloths for the kitchen. But they just seem to disappear - thank you in anticipation
New Conditions of Hire for the Village Hall and the Parish Room have been agreed for the next 12 months, along with a comprehensive Booking Form with details of the pricing structure for the hire of the facilities. The Management Committee would welcome some new members to assist with the day to day running of the Village Hall. We meet once a month to discuss the on-going maintenance and general up-keep of the premises to retain the buildings to a high standard for community use.
This is a good opportunity to thank Pat our reliable, part-time caretaker who keeps the premises clean and ready for hire.
Village Hall Day Time hire up till 7:00pm = £10 per hour, Evening Rate up till midnight = £18 per hour,
Large evening functions including use of the kitchen and bar area = Minimum Charge £100
Day-time Children's Parties = £30 minimum charge
Parish Room £12.50 per session ie Morning/Afternoon/Evening £15.00 per session if the kitchen facilities required.
Contact Sue Glover .


The Wriggly Roadshow is at Overton Library on 6th August from 2 to 3pm. Tickets are £1.50 each and available from the Library before or on the day and all are welcome Get up close and personal with a range of small creatures. See and learn about a range of small beasts including a snake, gerbil, frogs and rats, courtesy of Alex Henners of Zoolab.


Congratulations to Louisa Bottomley and Gary Dunn on the birth of their baby girl Evie.

Happy August Birthdays
Happy Birthday on 1st August to Trena from Sandra and Graham.

Happy Birthday wishes to Granddad (Alan Stubbert) Love from Courtney and Kyle.

And wishing a very happy birthday to: Tara Stubbert, Francis Glynne Jones, Belinda Matthews, Ben Jones, Seanie Clarke, Jackie Grindley, Gemma Purcell, Doreen Hamlington, Gladys Evans, Gill Rogers, Carol Dykes, Lewis Evison, Jackie Tombs, Gill Evans, and Happy 30th Birthday to Suzy Hill.

Deepest condolences for the families of Margaret Samson and Nancy Jones.


Show opens 2.30pm Presentation of prizes 4pm Schedule available from Doreen Walker 710776

Congratulations to Lucy Edwards on passing her Criminal Justice Degree. We are very proud of you from your Mum Pauline and your sisters, Lisa and Laura.

Congratulations Bethany (Beth) on achieving MERIT in your Child Care & Education course work Love from Mum, Dad, Nain & all the family in Birmingham.

Congratulations to our grandson Stephen Reid on joining the Army in the Adjutant Generals Corps, and also for being awarded the Soldiers Medal and the Best at Physical Training Award at his passing out parade at the Army Training Centre, Pirbright on 11th July 2008. Well done and best of luck at your next posting
from Nan & Granddad Austin