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POLICE Called to a mass brawl found an army of Santas punching and kicking each other. Officers has to use batons and CS spray to quell the fight in the centre of Newtown, Powys. It followed a charity run involving more than 4,000 people dressed as Father Christmas. Some overindulged in alcohol after crossing the line.  Sean insists that he was not involved in this Santa run only the one pictured above!

Can you spot….our roving reporter Sean Clarke pictured above on a recent Santa Fun run that he entered……...

Christmas Spirit Alive & Well in Overton By Sean Clarke


Grand Switch On ….


 December 1st marked an auspicious event on the Overton Christmas calendar. Dave and Alice Jones and family heralded the festive season this year by celebrating with a grand Christmas light ‘switch on’. Around 50-60 villagers gathered outside the house on Maelor Court at 6pm on a winter’s night.

Fortunately Santa Claus himself had been invited to perform the switching on ceremony and he duly obliged. The house was transformed into a beacon of light and the twenty or so children that attended were delighted by the illuminations.

Whilst Father Christmas distributed sweets and good wishes to the youngsters, the adults enjoyed a seasonal drink and barbeque, which were thoroughly appreciated, particularly in the cool evening air.




 It had taken nearly a week of preparation to erect the lights and ensure they were working and Dave explained that the situation had just ‘snowballed’ from the usual fairy light display (pardon the pun). Planning for next year will probably begin in January and Dave is hoping to invite donations to charity with contributions going to the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) at the Maelor. Dave would like to thank Dave Edwards for doing the BBQ and the Big Man himself for switching on the lights.


 There was a feeling of general pleasantness and good will at the event, which punctuated the bedlam and shopping-induced stress usually associated with Christmas. Congratulations to the Jones family from all those that attended for the tacit measure of Christmas spirit that was generously served with the food and drink.




Pictured below: L– R Back Father Christmas, Mr Snowman, Dave (Holding Charlie)

Middle L—R Lois Cora, Jodie, Brittany, Zoe, Amelia

Front L—R Charlotte, Shauny, Alex, Imogen