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Just a little Note

Hey everyone.

First, I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Also I would like to thank every-one who entered their art into the calendar competition, as well as the judge who would like to remain anonymous. Also a huge thanks to the staff of the St.Marys after school club for encouraging the kids to enter.



Calendar Competition

The calendar competition has finally been judged! I would like to thank all the contestants and the judge. It must have been very hard to decide between all the entries, but four winners have been chosen:



Owain Morris     age 7

Bethan Hamner     age 10

Sophie Williams    age 9

Harry Davis   age 5




Congratulations to the winners!

Their calendar designs will be made into the real thing, and will be for sale in the local shops.


Thanks to all of the following:

Alice Williams Age 7

Alice Greville Age 10

Sophie Edge Age 7

Matthew Williams Age 4

Sophie William Age 10

Rachel Quayle Age 10

Millie Davis Age 3

Robert Taylor Age 7

Emma Lucy Greville Age 8

Megan Roberts Age 6

Hayden Edge Age 9

Joseph Edge Age 4


For their amazing entries.

Young at heart


Two flies were playing football in a saucer, when one said to the other “Keep this up son, and tomorrow we shall be playing in the cup



A man and his dog (Rover) were stranded on a barren desert island, and after a week without food the man looked at Rover and said “Well Rover old chap I’m awfully sorry but its either you or me…..” and when his meal was finished, the man looked at the heap of bones and sighed, “Oh how Rover would have loved those bones”!!


Thanks to Len Berry for the great jokes!





Quite a difficult riddle for you to think about, I will print the answer next month, well here it is:


You are trying to escape from a maze, and you come to the end where you see two doors, with the hideous faces of gargoyles . Sitting in front of these two doors is a frog, that tells you but one thing.


“One of these door will lead you to your freedom, and that door will always tell you the truth. The other door will lead to your doom, and will always lie to you.

You may ask one question and one question alone to both of the doors, and the question must be the same, and the doors will each give you one answer each.”

What would you ask?




Cloud Callout:  ?

Thanks to George Done age 7, for his picture of a “Bird Of Prey”

And to Emma Done Age 5 for her beautiful picture!

Have your word here!!!