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“Gaslight” gives actors opportunity to shine By Euan Stevenson and Ken Farrell (One Play two Reviews..)

Overton Amateur Dramatic Society presented their Autumn production, “Gaslight”, in the village hall on 18th, 19th and 20th November. The play, by Patrick Hamilton, is a well- known psychological drama set in Victorian London – older readers may remember the film version with Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer.

The play is a particularly demanding one for the three main actors, who rose to the challenge magnificently.  Alan Farley was quite chilling as the husband, who is methodically trying to drive his wife mad while he searches the house for a stash of precious rubies.  Alan Edwards, impressively whiskered for the part, was excellent as the quirky retired detective and Joanne Kember was totally convincing as the mild housewife who is struggling to keep both dementia and a cruel husband at bay.  Glynis Farley sympathetically portrayed the housekeeper and young Sara Mahmoud was a real scene-stealer as the sulkily insolent parlour maid, whom the husband cunningly uses to add insult to his wife’s injury.  A wonderful set and convincing costumes really reflected a claustrophobic house in Victorian London.

Overall, this was a triumph for O.A.D.S. and director Stephen Sorfleet.


On the Saturday night, the second half of the show was somewhat spoiled by the background music coming from the club.

It must have been very difficult for the actors to present a chilling atmosphere of lurking menace and a harrowing climax against the booming background music of “Dancing Queen”.

Surely it is possible for organizers of events in the village to consult one another to prevent this unfortunate clash of entertainment.

Having thoroughly enjoyed the Overton Amateur Dramatic Society’s recent run of bedroom farces I was pleased to attend last Saturday’s performance of its latest, much more serious production, the creepy Victorian melodrama “Gaslight”. ( I vaguely recall Ingrid Bergman starring in the film version some 60 years ago).


An extremely authentic set quickly transported us to a 19th Century middle class house where Alan Farley, as the villainous Mr Manningham soon had us trembling in our seats as he continued to browbeat his pathetically cowed wife played, most convincingly, by Joanne Kember. Alan Edwards as Inspector Rough, suitably bearded, came at last like a White Knight to the rescue, aided by his two burly constables played by Geoff Pritchard and Mike Redworth.  (We had all been wondering why Alan had been going round the village sporting these glorious mutton-chop whiskers over the past few weeks and at last we knew. Sadly, even as I write they have succumbed to the razor and he is once more recognisable)  Glynis Farley “Yes” m-ed” and “Yes” sir-ed in her role as the housekeeper with utter conviction as did Sara Mahmoud as the coquettish servant Nancy.  Even the coffee served during the interval by the Refreshments team far outshone anything served in a major theatre.


For most of the scenes only two of the five principal characters were present on the stage at one time, often sustaining a complicated dialogue for substantial periods of time – prodigious feat of memory standard.


The whole party, most ably directed by Steven Sorfleet, was as delight to all who attended and if you didn’t see it you missed a treat.  Please keep it up Amdram – we love it.

 Ken Farrell

CYTUN In Overton & District

Harvest Supper 24th September

On behalf of Cytun (Churches Together in Overton District)  I would like to thank helpers and supporters for making the event so successful.


More than 60 people attended the supper and by all accounts much enjoyed the evening.

St Mary’s Primary School provided musical entertainment prior to the Supper and Mr Charlie Harris of Erbistock rounded off the evening with several songs (ably accompanied on piano by Mrs Iris Edwards)


As this event was not intended to be money making, profits after expenses have allowed us to make the following donations to worthy causes: £50.00 to St Mary’s School (Music Department) £75,00 to CAFOD £75.00 to “Save the Family” Charity


Particular thanks go to Mrs Dorothy Carlton for co-ordinating this year’s event, Karen and Mick Pinder for selling tickets from the Corner Shop, Mr John Davis (milkman) for donating the new potatoes, Maxine Palmer for printing the promotional flyer and to Richard Owen of Bangor on Dee, Joy Davies and Katrina Chalk of Overton for distributing these with the evening newsapaper.  A big thank you to the entire CYTUN Team and everyone who helped in any way!  We look to this

 being an annual event in the village calendar


 Vonnie Bamber




being an annual event in the village calendar

 Vonnie Bamber

Overton Players pictured left to right, Alan Edwards, Joanne Kember, Stephen Sorfleet (Director), Mike Redworth and Alan Farley.

Front row, Sara Mahmoud and Glynis Farley.