La Murette's visit to Overton 2010

No one passing through Overton in August 2010 can have failed to notice the predominance of the blue, white and red around the village. Yes, it was that time again. Our French partners from La Murette were in town. Many thanks
to the businesses who dolled up their premises to welcome our visitors. Thanks, too, to Mervyn Haynes for the eyecatching sign outside the Village Hall.

As always, we had a wonderful week, renewing old friendships and establishing new ones. No-stop chatting, whether in French, in English, in Franglais or using hand signals, was the order of the day. The French were very keen to practise their English and judging by the loud voices and laughter on every occasion, communication was never a problem.

What do you think the following might have in common? A baby elephant in Chester Zoo, a Male Voice Choir at Oswestry Show, storming the battlements of Caernarfon Castle, dressing up as a prisoner in Ruthin Gaol, orienteering in Mortimer Forest, belly dancing and Roman Army tactics in Bersham, learning the finer points of how a pint is brewed at The Three Tuns Brewery, tucking into Fish and Chips at the seaside. Yes, you guessed, these are just some of the marvellous activities we all enjoyed together during the visit.

We were pretty lucky with the weather this year and it was never really cold. The waterproofs and umbrellas carried all the way from France mostly stayed in the bags. Of course the French are used to a warmer climate but they take our weather in their stride and as they said they’re here for the camaraderie and the friendship and that’s all that matters.

Sunday morning saw us all gathered in the car park reluctant for it all to end. We were all very sad that it was all over and that we wouldn’t see each other for another year. Lots of tears were shed and email addresses and quite a few
kisses were exchanged. We’d all had a wonderfully enriching, sociable and enjoyable week and looked forward to the return visit in 2011.

A big thank you to all who helped to make the week such a success.