Twinning News in 2012

Maryan Maryse Calame-Schmidt, the Chair of the La Murette  Twinning Association (picture: Maryse on right and Georgina Mason on left) recently spent a week here in Overton. Somebody worked some magic with the weather and after three months of continuous rain, a miracle happened and the sun shone. It was great for her to see everything looking its best in the sunshine. We sat outside for breakfast every morning and believe it or not there were times we had to retreat under the sun umbrella because Maryse was feeling too hot! Yes, we were in Overton; and yes, it was this summer! Who could believe it? 

It was her first ever Twinning visit so it was a challenge to know what to put on the programme. So much to see; where to start? We decided it would work well to go to places previously visited with the La Murette groups. It was all a big hit. From the most spectacular like Conwy Castle to the more mundane like the People’s Market in Wrexham, she was charmed by everything. She did her bit for the local economy and left the Market with bagfuls of Welsh souvenirs. The owner couldn’t believe her luck! 

During the week Maryse had lunch in the Deli, met Mick in the Corner Shop, walked the Walls in Chester, did Chirk and Erddig, Llangollen and Pontcysyllte and at Trefiew Woollen Mill. bought even more Welsh souvenirs! Her day in Liverpool at the Albert Dock was a highlight for her. At the Tate, we were lucky with the timing of the Anglo-French (and American) exhibition of Monet and Turner paintings which was a real treat. 

 As a teacher of English and always on the lookout for new words and phrases she put us through our paces. We found ourselves being stretched explaining all sorts of interesting expressions. Try translating precisely “to make a pig’s ear of something” “donkey’s years”, “sleep like a log”, “time to hit the hay” “put a spanner in the works”and many, many more. They all found their way into her notebook, to be shared on her return with the pupils at her school near La Murette. 

Friday evening saw a convivial gathering of  20 or so enthusiastic twinners. We had a lovely meal together with contributions of food from everyone who came. (And yes we made sure she saw every minute of the Opening ceremony of the Olympics!) Maryse was delighted to have had the chance to meet David Burton, the Chair of the Community Council and to be able to discuss ideas for the continuing goodwill and friendship between our communities. A big thank you to everyone who contributed and helped to make her visit so worthwhile. She was delighted to meet you all and can’t wait to return next year with the group.